Jan 4, 2008

Wild Card Picks

Well, they did it. The were what we thought they were. They vanquished the New Jersey Football Giants, and Eli Manning, who’s meltdown was predicted by me mere seconds before occurring. True story.

The point remains, that the Terminators went 16-0 and are now a mere 3 games from immortality. Some would argue that all the records broken over the past 17 weeks place them on that immortal pedestal with Mercury Morris and co., but I say they are not quite there yet. Once in my lifetime, I have seen history (when the ’98 Bulls put together a 10 loss season) and it didn’t seem as epic until they had secured the title. The ability to look back as Jordan hoisted that trophy, and truly marvel at what they had accomplished, their complete body of work, if you will. What I’m saying is, no matter the disdain I feel for Boston…nay, the entire New England region, I enjoy the thought that I could be watching history unfold.

Or I could be watching the greatest fall ever when they lose to the Packers in the Super Bowl.

I’m just saying…

Now, for some picks. Home team in bold.

With my mortal lock picks (Green Bay, Indy, Terminators) all resting up this weekend, I’m walking into many of these games with dilemmas…

Seattle (-3) over Washington

Raise your hands if you’ve been suckered in by Todd Collins’ play these last few weeks? All of you huh? Is that why this line is so low? Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret.


No one is a back-up for 10 years if they are any good. No one. It’s never happened in the history of mankind. There is actually an article on ESPN.com right now that has the headline, in bold, calling him a career backup. Does anyone really think he has a chance in Seattle in January?

Jacksonville (-2) over Pittsburgh

I know, everyone is picking J’Ville. But it just feels right. I can’t believe that the Steelers and “Ben” are underdogs at home in the playoffs, but we have seen that day.

By the way, this “Ben” nonsense has got to stop. I don’t know who started it, but it’s affecting more facets of my life than I’m comfortable admitting.

Bucs (-2.5) over Giants

In the gutsy showing the G-Men put up against the Terminators last week, they lost about four players to injury, and Eli Manning’s patented meltdown is GUARANTEED to factor in heavily. Let’s break the offenses down like a Super Bowl game, even though neither team will get deeper than round 2:

O-Line: The Buccaneers line makes Earnest Graham look good. The Giants just lost their starting center. EDGE: Bucs.

Receivers: Giants rely on Plaxico and Amani Toomer. The Buccaneers have android Joey Galloway catching balls. EDGE: Giants

Quarterbacks: Jeff Garcia. Winner everywhere he’s been (except Cleveland). Eli Manning. He’s a Manning. Damn, that joke was a lot funnier before last year…Okay, he’s a Manning in the NFC. Whew, close one.

Coach: Gruden has been resting players since he figured out they were gonna play the Giants. He has gameplanned the life out of this game. Coughlin? Ha ha ha ha ha…

Chargers (-9) over Titans

Kerry Collins could be heavily involved. And if he isn’t, Vince Young will be.

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