Apr 8, 2009

Here I Come...

What's that on the side bar? A countdown? But, to what? To my triumphant return to New York City?

Yes, please.

I have a long and storied history with that town that kicked off with my recruiting trip my senior year of high school. But, the real highlights wouldn't start pouring in until I drove up with my dad in the the fall of 2003 with all my worldly possessions in a rented mini-van.

The city would soon become the place where we (this is the royal we; I am not claiming to have been involved in all of this, nor would I want to call out any friends) figured out how to beer-bong jager, smoked cigars on the steps as the sun rose over Low Library, sat in the dark and listened to the worst music ever, played duck duck goose at Barnard, continued a legacy at Cannon's, threw things out of the ninth floor window in Carmen, came to Sunday practice directly from the hospital, raced to make the late bus to practice, snuck over 140 cans of Country Club malt liquor into Carmen via luggage, enjoyed a delicious mix of protein shake and 151 at the Spring Concert, found giant sombreros, made fun of Bob Shoop, keg bowled late night, used the bus ride to share stories, played way too much NCAA 2003 in room 911, keg raced, enjoyed more than a few street fairs, went to the top of Rockefeller plaza, had the best recruitment event ever at the Times Square Hooters, IMed with people who lived down the hall, yelled at the Statue of Liberty, put a keg (and a couch, and a table, and a person) through the wall at ZBT, got to know the Manhattan College baseball team, tricked recruits into committing, enjoyed Delirious with Ward, watched the West End turn into whatever it is now, played Fifa all summer, invented SunBeams, fell down the steps after morning runs in the winter, sat on those same steps when it warmed up, loved 40s on 40, got thrown out of more places than we'd care to admit, beat Brown at Brown, closed out Cannon's with Parents Night...and survived.

I can't wait to get back up there.

Oh, and I really wanna see my little brother graduate too. That should be cool. If I live that long.


Chris Sullivan said...

Greatest music ever

Anonymous said...

It was a great drive up in '03. I even survived your hwy driving.

Anonymous said...

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