Apr 7, 2009


Well, that didn't go as planned. My bracket didn't exactly hold up under the rigors of, well, actual basketball.

But, I am willing to admit when I'm wrong, and I have to tip my cap to Brandon Bowser, winner of the second annual OLASB Bracket Challenge. That's right, King of the Koopas knows more than just how to run spot routes (42 yards on the hash [Rashad Biggers edit: Don't drift!!!] ), he actually knows his sports too, though you wouldn't know it if you watched me beat his head in on Madden.

The OLASB prize committee of one will be in contact with this year's winner, but you can all be winners and [shameless plug] purchase some OLASB merchandise using the easy-to-find store below! [/shameless plug]

Nothing major in sports happening, but my NBA Second Season preview is coming soon, as is my take on the NFL offseason as we head to draft day. And, of course, my obligatory YouTube video of the day. Which is, in a word: AWESOME.

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