Apr 25, 2009

Pre-Draft Thoughts

Division by Division, thoughts on the off-season so far...

NFC South
- Might as well start at home. Falcons picked up T. Gonzalez earlier this week...and I have no jokes. A draft pick is nothing more than a lottery ticket, and this guy is a proven commodity. Think about it this way naysayers...with the second round pick in 2010, the Atlanta Falcons picked a 10-time Pro Bowl tight end.

- Tampa Bay...what can be said about the Bucs that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan: bombed out and depleted.

- The Panthers re-signed Jake Delhomme to a long term deal after that playoff debacle. Carolina fans, there's always room on our bandwagon if you want to cheer for a winning team this year.

NFC East
- So, who's going to be catching balls in New York this year? Plaxico Burress is done there, and Toomer is done too. Wait, is that? It is! My God, that's Chad Ochocinco's music...trust me Giant fans, by November, you'll be missing Plax.

- Apparently the Eagles have been positioning themselves to pick up Boldin from the Cards. I have nothing nice to say, so I'll just say that the last time they picked up a disgruntled receiver it didn't go so well (see also, the AFC East portion of this post).

- Skins broke the bank to get Haynesworth, and their quarterback wants out if they draft another Q. Ladies and gentlemen, the THIRD most dysfunctional team in this division.

- Cowboys are banking on Roy Williams to be a big playmaker, and making the fans (and stat book) forget about T.O. Lions fans, can you tell us how that's gonna go?

NFC North
- The real losers in the Jay Cutler sweepstakes? The Viking fans. You mean to tell me what you are all happy with the 'upgrade' under center of Sage "I stupidly scrambled against the Colts, and lost the game, but thanks for overlooking that" Rosenfels?

- Oh, and Cutler? Your prize for being such a tremendous baby? A prize winning defense...and no more Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal to throw to.

- Mr. Stafford, don't listen to anything Daunte is telling you. I know it SEEMS like he's a vet trying to help, but he really just wants to start longer.

NFC West
- The less said the better. At least Arizona is going to break up one of the greatest receiving tandems in memory. For only a second rounder you say? Fantastic.

- Is Jim Mora Jr. a head coach again? Really? REALLY? REALLY???

AFC South
- Tony Dungy may have stepped down, but at least the Colts have a strong new head coach in place in Peyton Manning...I mean, old what's his face.

- Vince Young: Career Backup? Not looking so hot for players in the best National Title game in the last 20 years. I'm looking at you too Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and LenDale White.

- The Jags signed Torry Holt, which sounds like an amazing idea. He's going to help open up that passing attack, and now we'll see what a full Jags team can do. What do you mean it's not 1998?

AFC East
- I feel REALLY BAD for the Bills; first they bring in T.O., who will have to adjust to being the number 2 receiver for the first time since he played with Jerry, and then they lose their running back for doing some stupid ish. I'm sorry. For allegedly doing some stupid ish.

- Tom Brady's coming back.

- I'll be interested to see what the Jets do this draft, rumors have them moving up to take a certain USC quarterback (and those guys have done SO WELL in recent years...)

AFC North
- Steelers have changed nothing from a lucky team that got hot at the right time last year. But, they do get two full draft classes in training camp, considering the kids they got last year did NOTHING.

- FIRE MARVIN LEWIS. There, I said it.

- Ravens are apparently also in the running in the Boldin sweepstakes. B'More has the structure to keep him in line, but does Ozzie Newsome pull the trigger? I love the draft.

- The Browns? NEXT QUESTION.

AFC West
- A healthy Chargers team means scary things for the rest of the NFL.

- God Bless the Cheifs, may they finish a this century best 9-7 due to their generosity of handing us TGon. Oh, and for giving me Herm Edwards all year on ESPN. Amen.

- Josh McDaniels is either a genius or and idiot. Either way, he's going to be starting Kyle Orton, so you know to which I'm leaning.

See you back in this space later on for the 2009 Draft Running Diary!!!


DNasty said...

With their trade for TO the Bills have really broadened their horizons from "the place where old, still serviceable but *not* quite hey-day talented Patriots go to die" to "the place where every old, still serviceable but *not quite hey-day talented player go to die".

Buffalo: The Fort Lauterdale of the NFL since 1959.

DPalm66 said...

Well done by you.