Nov 20, 2008

Thursday Night Pickage

Cincy (+10.5) over Pittsburgh

Yeah, I said it.

Nov 16, 2008

Sunday Picks

We're finally done with bye weeks! Home teams in bold.

Denver (+6) over Atlanta
Miami (-10.5) over Oakland
Giants (-7) over B'More
Indy (-8.5) over Houston
Chi-Town (+3.5) over Green Bay
Tennessee (-2.5) over Jax
Philly (-9) over Cincy
K.C. (+5.5) over N.O.
Detroit (+14.5) over Carolina
Pittsburgh (-5) over Chargers
San Fran (-6) over St. Louis
Zona (-3) over Seattle
Bucs (-4) over Minnesota
Dallas (-1) over Washington
Bills (-5) over Browns

Nov 13, 2008

Mid-Range Jumpers

That's right kids, we're back. America's favorite long-running, rarely updated, OLASB post format is back, and with a vengeance.

Is this Atlanta professional sports renaissance for real? Why won't the Colts go away? Did the NHL season really start? How much did Al Davis offer me to coach the Raiders? How bad do the Braves want Jake Peavy? When will the first Mike Singletary Coors Light commercial air? What did I go as this year for Halloween?

All this and more in the latest edition of the truly lost art of the Mid-Range Jumper!

  • Ok. The A.I. trade. I think it makes sense for both teams, as the Pistons get one of the 50 greatest of all time for a year, and gives them cap room come 2009-2010. Plus, they have someone who can create their own shot, which could open things up for a more drive and kick game, saving Rip and Rasheed's legs through the season, since they won't be running around as much. Denver gets a proven facilitator who won't attack Melo's confidence by being the clearly more clutch player...and Melo can grow back his cornrows without feeling like he's copying his smaller, older, better brother.
  • That much basketball analysis wore me out.
  • Baseball is still boring as sin. There, that's better.
  • BCS Title game looks like Big 12 Champ versus SEC least both these leagues have title games. Unlike the Big 10.
  • Speaking of leagues full of fake football, if Oregon State wins out, they go to the Rose Bowl, while USC goes to some lesser bowl. Let's go Beavers!
  • David Ortiz admitted on the radio that even he knew that Manny had to go, that he was actively trying to get out of Boston. In other news, Mr. Ortiz also spoke out about the sky being blue, and water being wet.
  • Somewhere, Scott Boras is reading about the $45 million the Dodgers are offering, and cackling evilly into the night.
  • I have loved watching the Hawks thus far, and might have to get sucked into what looks like something special. Still, I feel like I'm going back to an obviously abusive relationship.
  • The Chicago game was something special. Not just because Horford went for 27-17-6, but because it confirmed that Vinny Del Negro is an NBA head coach. VINNY DEL FREAKING NEGRO!!! (I took way too much time trying to figure out where to put the freaking. I think I made the right decision)
  • Millicent Olawale...Millicent Olawale....Millicent Olawale...Millicent Olawale...
  • The Bears are counting on Kyle Orton to bounce back from injury for the rest of their season. I'll let THAT sink in.
  • Hockey is happening. I think. It has to, it's this time of year, right?
  • Dwight Howard had his first career triple-double last night...30 points, 19 rebounds, 10 BLOCKS. Wow.
  • CP3 opened the season with 6 straight 20-10 games...are we in a new golden age of basketball? Signs are pointing to yes.
  • The Braves claimed they weren't going to morgatge their future to get Peavy, but now that it looks like they might get him, EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!
  • Should I start Tyler Thigpin or Big Ben this week in my fantasy league? Why is this even a debate? What a weird year.
  • Greg Oden has already missed 2 weeks of games. Chances he finishes the rest of the season healthy? Slim and none.
  • Tony Romo is coming back to save the Cowboys season. Once he makes his guaranteed blunder of the week, and sinks the team, who will save them next?
Finally, I was wrong about Matt Ryan. I admit it. He is putting together one of the greatest seasons we've ever seen from a rookie quarterback. 11 tds versus only 5 ints? Who saw this coming? Really?

Political junkies like me will love this...a great article contributed to by Columbia Grad Nick Summers.

Oh, and to answer the questions that came before the bullets: yes (I hope), alligator blood, I think, more than Lane Kiffen is making on his paper route, not bad enough, the Super Bowl, and Santa Claus.

Thursday Night Pick: Jets (+3.5) over Pats

Nov 9, 2008

Week 10 Picks

This post is short, sweet, and to the point. Unlike the Georgia game yesterday, that tried to give me approxmiently 5 different heart attacks. Home teams, as always, in bold.

J'ville (-7) over Detroit
Tennessee(-3) over The Chi
Buffalo (+4) over Pats
N.O. (+1) over Falcons
Jets (-8.5) over St. Louis
Miami (-8.5) over Seattle
Green Bay (+2.5) over Minnesota
Carolina (-9.5) over Oakland
K.C. (+15.5) over San Diego
Pittsburgh (+3.5) over Indy
Giants (+3) over Philly
B'More (PK) over Houston
Zona (-9.5) over Niners

Keep your eye on the blog next week, as I FINALLY give my thoughts on the AI trade...

Nov 5, 2008


I don't care who you voted for, I don't care what you believe in, I don't care your reaction to the results of the election.

I am legitimately thrilled at the numbers of people who came out, and the involvement of a sector of people who would have not been engaged otherwise. I am saddened by the attitudes of some of the people I consider friends (on BOTH sides) as expressed through our new various forms of constant e-communication.

Obama's speech after getting the win.

If that doesn't inspire you...if that doesn't touch something inside you, then I got nothing for you.

Except maybe this.

At 2 AM, in the streets of Harlem, NY, this scene was captured of something that could not be explained or contained by anyone:

Alot of people have said that his campaign was smoke and mirrors, alot of talk, that talk means nothing.

And they're right.

They are absolutely right, words with nothing behind them are, like Sophocles said, "castles in the air."

But these detractors are overlooking something. He has ALREADY backed up his words.

I have no idea what he will do as a President, but you cannot deny that he has been an amazing leader as a candidate. He created, from NOTHING, a whole new coalition of voters, all across America.

He did it without taking PAC money, without taking Federal matching funds, without taking corporate donations. He did it his way. He did it by inspiring people, lots of people that are very different, to stand behind him. They kept talking about this on MSNBC, but its true--he didn't cobble together a majority. He created a new block of voters, who have never voted as a group before.

To inspire that many people, in that major of a way--that is leadership . This is no comment on his politics, only on his ability to inspire and lead people, and the evidence he can do that is in front of your face. He became President, and he did by leading America.

More detractors have said that his policies are bad, or faulty. I don't agree with Barak Obama on all of his stated policy positions. Hell, if I agreed with any politician on all their stances, I'd check myself into an asylum. But, great Presidents aren't defined by policy decision alone.

There are definitely Presidential policies that do impact the nation, but a lot of it is just arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. What DOES matter is how to President LEADS, and this man can flat out lead. Think about it--who are the great leaders in American history? Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy? Now go examine their policy positions. Do you agree with all of them? Did they even do everything right? Of course not. But does that mean they were poor leaders? No.

They inspired something that this country has been bereft of for a while now: actual, genuine hope for tomorrow. My thoughts on the campaigns and the historic nature of this election will be shared later this week, when all this sinks in...I just wanted to get this all out now.