Feb 28, 2008

My Triumphant Return

From the desk of Matthew D. Barsamian:

"Can I get a "Palmer comes to New York" countdown?"

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Official Counter Until I Return to New York

Airing of Grievences

You know what really grinds my gears?

- People willing to drop certain players off of boards because of the combine. Look, for established players, who you know can play, it's a few days to show off. The NFL combine is more for those kids who weren't on national television alot. This is where those kids can catch your eye, and move up.

- Spring Training. C'mon already, no one cares.

- Fantasy Baseball. Seems way too complicated and too involved. That said, I'm giving a league a shot this year, with the hopes to land A-Rod and Pujols due to some shifty trading. I'll keep you posted.

- Patron Cafe.

- The fact that the NFL prematurely suspended Adam 'Pac-Man' Jones before his criminal proceedings were finished...and the fact that these proceedings resulted in him being hit with a misdemeanor.

- The Wire series finale not being available OnDemand a week early. They've been spoiling us since episode 1 with early airings of every episode, only to force us to wait 2 weeks between the latest episode and the final episode. How dare you.

- The MSWSM apologizing for Clemens, and saying that the government shouldn't be as involved, when a year ago these same jackals were clamoring for Barry Bonds' heard.

- MTV.

- My elaborate Anti-Jinx on the Hawks resulting in holding the Spurs to 5 first quarter points and still losing the game.

- The Designated Hitter.

- That it looks like I was wrong about the Cavs trade.

- Back-to-back Manning Super Bowl wins.

- How good the Pistons and Lakers look.

- My upcoming return to New York City...oh, no wait, I'm really excited about that.

- The color Orange, the song Rocky Top, and all things to do with Tennessee.

- The Pro Bowl.

- People who don't think the NFL Draft should be a National Holiday.

- The Oscars (and apparently, I'm not alone. Lowest rated Academy Awards ever. Way to go, America. Now, we all need to stop watching American Idol...)

- The Office. Look, I tried people. I really did. I just don't think it's that funny. I won't turn it if it's on, but I definitely won't be looking for it either.

- Maddox hasn't come back for the reunion...yet.

- That http://heylarryhughespleasestoptakingsomanybadshots.com/ is no longer a viable site.

- No Brady Quinn for me to mock this year in the Draft. Hopefully someone will separate themselves as an insufferable jerk as we get closer to the date. I'm looking at you, Colt Brennan.

- A lack of guaranteed contracts in the NFL.

- I still need an NFL team for next year.

Maybe I should list what makes me happy; might be a shorter list.

Feb 22, 2008

Down To The Wire

No, no, this isn't another post by me extolling the virtues of the greatest show on television (though you should be watching it...) I'm talking about trades within the Association. With the deadline passing yesterday, lots of teams got better over the past few months, but even more teams gave up entirely, and here is my breakdown of the biggest winners and losers of the biggest trades as we cross the finish line.

Jazz receive Kyle Korver for Gorden Gircek and a 1st Rounder

Is Jazz singular or plural? Oh well, this trade was Grand Theft Mormon. I understand trying to free up some cap space after FINALLY unloading Billy King, but you could probably have gotten more for Kyle Korver. A dead eye sharpshooter to a team that made the Western Conference Finals last year, knowing they really need this missing piece? You could have bled them dry.

Lakers receive Pau Gasol and a 2010 2nd Rounder for 12 cents on the dollar

I know how Popovich feels watching this happen, when you realize that others are consipring just for the chance to bring you down. What's the crown worth if no one runs at it though? This run is apparently going to be a serious one, as Gasol is a perfect fit in the Triangle, deflecting pressure from Odom, and when Bynum gets right, this is going to be a scary starting 5.

Suns receive Shaquille "Kazaam" O'Neal for Shawn "Matrix" Marion and Marcus "Who?" Banks

I hate the cop-out answer I'm about to give, but it's true: the jury is out. As far as Shaq's impact with the Suns goes, game 1 was very promising, but if he can't sustain that level of energy and health, it's all for naught. I will admit that they most likely greatly improved the locker room, since Marion was apparently a bigger distraction than I thought, since he seems genuinely excited by playing on a 9 win team, where he is clearly not number 3 anymore. Congrats, Shawn.

Hawks recieve Mike Bibby for 1 WNBA player, 2 exipring contracts, and 1 admitted draft mistake

I refuse to say anything positive about the Hawks' chances to making the post season. They are out of the race, and have no realistic ability to be competitive this year. And for those of you wondering at home, yes, this is an attempt at an elaborate Anti-Jinx.

Mavericks receive Jason Kidd for way too much

I think I am the only person on the planet not that excited about this trade. After all the hub-bub about this trade the first time it came up, everyone knew it had to be done, but it still makes very little sense. I understand that they wanted a battle-tested PG for the playoff run, but they weakened their front line to the point of great vulnerability. Plus, I don't know how JKidd is going to fare in the West defensively against the smaller, faster guards he's going to see night in and night out (Chris Paul lit him up Wednesday for 31 pts, 11 asts, 9 stls, 5 rebs).

Cavailers receive Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, Ben Wallace and Joe Smith and give up Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall in a three-way trade

Did someone fire up an '85 DeLorean? Where is the flux capaciter? How else can you explain acquiring the AWFUL contract of Ben Wallace while giving up 1 fewer rebound a game and 10 more points in Drew Gooden? Look, we all know that LeBron's supporting cast hasn't been the best the past two years, but here's something else we know: BEN WALLACE AND WALLY SZCZERBIAK are not the missing pieces of the puzzle...the only goal right now should be to make sure that there is cap space for LeBron to stay and have a GREAT cast come 2010 and you just created less space. How about a nice slow clap for, Danny Ferry.

Feb 21, 2008

Best Dunk Contest Ever

I'm glad I can post this...until the NBA takes it down.

If you missed the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest, all the spectacular festivities are in the video below.

Feb 20, 2008

The Usual Suspects

I know I don't usually talk about golf, but what Tiger Woods did today makes me think of a quote from my favorite movie...

"Keaton always said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze."

Except in this case, Keyser Soze is code for Tiger Woods, and the speaker is every other golfer.


Good God.

Feb 19, 2008

The Week(end) That Was

And now for the home stretch. With the All-Star Break behind us, most teams are sprinting towards the trade deadline on Thursday, and the playoffs a few weeks later. That said, here are some assorted thoughts from All-Star Weekend...

- Someone should forever cancel the Celebrity Game. What a waste of time.

- Jason Kopono and Kyle Kover have never been seen in the same room ever.

- The Dunk Contest is, unequivocally, BACK. From blowing out the cupcake to Dwight Howard going up, up and away, my favorite event has been rescued from the brink of obscurity. And the lack of Nate Robinson meant that it was actually entertaining. Two thumbs up!

- The All-Star Jerseys were the most dizzying thing I have ever seen in my life. It was like watching giant pinwheels run through a poorly lit room.

- Actually alot of fun to watch the game itself this year; with REAL PGs like Kidd, Nash, and Paul running the show, the game was fun to watch and very free flowing. Glad to see the East was a little mad over last year, and came out of the gate gunning. LeBron was the MVP, but that performance put on by Ray Allen to end the game was amazing.

As far as all the trade talk, God Bless the Sacramento Kings for sending Mike Bibby to the A, and shipping out the WNBA's ugliest player, Tyronne Lue. Aside from bringing fresh blood to the Highlight Factory (I swear, that is what they call Phillips Arena), we get rid of a big draft mistake in Sheldon Williams, who's forehead is so big, they dubbed it a five-head.

The Kings got...well...some off season flexibility?

Feb 15, 2008

Mid-Season Report

As we head into the NBA All-Star Game, I think it's important to look back on the (more than) half season that was.

The PGA Tour Rolls On

Standing at a Eastern Conference dominating 41-9, the Danny Ainge constructed trio has run roughshod all over their opponents thus far. Any questions about their chemistry and ability to play off of one another have been answered emphatically by this start. While durability remains a concern, I think that the Garnett injury happening when it did actually could have been the best thing possible for this team. Aside from galvanizing the remaining cast into winning, the losses they took made the 72-win goal unreachable, so they can focus not on some amazingly tough record, but on becoming the best possible basketball team they can, while tooling up for the postseason.

Biggest Dissapointment

With all the apparent discord coming out of Sacramento heading into the season, I was looking forward to some Ron Artest shenanigans. At the very least, I was anxiously awaiting a trade to a larger market, so we could get some great soundbites/youtube fodder. But, here I sit in February with nothing. Nothing. C'mon Ron-Ron, pick it up.

Biggest Surprise

Chris Paul, come on down. Not only has he led the New Orleans Hornets out of obscurity, he has solidified himself as the best young point guard on the planet. He has made the Hornets look downright dominant in the West, and stand tied with the Suns for the best record. That said, the second half biggest surprise will be how fast and far this little team that could will fall in the face of the new look Lakers, Suns, and soon-to-be Mavs. Not to mention the defending champs, who a lot of people are counting out, but have the exact same record as they did at this point last year.

MVP Race

The Steve Nash wins proved that you don't HAVE to be an All-Star Starter to be considered a favorite, but historically, it helps. That said, I'll divide the 10 starters up, and describe why they won't be MVP this year (elected starters, injury scratches aside).

Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming, Jason Kidd, Dwayne Wade

Look, they've all had great runs, but they're not front runners for a reason. A.I. and Melo, ya'll are the top scoring tandem in the Association, but at 32-20, there have to be more consistent results. Yao Ming can't describe what 'past the first round' even looks like. Jason Kidd is stuck (for now) on a bad team. Dwayne Wade's career is already on the downside, and his team has won 9 games so far this year.

Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard

Tim is a victim of his own success. Much like when Karl Malone won the MVP over Jordan, people are just tired of watching the same person dominate. He isn't flashy or loud, he is just the most consistent, winning candidate. Dwight Howard has been a double-double machine, and could develop into the type of player our current leaders are.

LeBron James, Kevin Garnett

Garnett has had the most impact on his team of the three, transforming the Celtics into a hustling, defense first squad that looks to be able to make a post-season push. Missing games recently has hurt him, but if he can keep his missed games under 15, he could still be a contender. Mr. James has been electric at times, but everything else around him is such a mess it's hard to ignore. His openly pining for Kidd HAS to have ruffled some feathers around him, and as tremendous as he is, I don't think he will be able to drag this team as far as Mr. Garnett or our current MVP pick.

Kobe Bryant

KB24 has developed into a full player this year, continuing his evolution defensively and genuinely making the other players around him better. This year has seen the emergence of Andrew Bynum, and also seen the young guards improve under Kobe's watch. Even his pouting last year has paid off, as he was rewarded with the perfect compliment in the triangle offense in the person of Pau Gasol. If this squad can put together a title run rests alot on Bynum's return and Kobe's finger, but worse case scenario - this is going to be a dangerous squad for at least 3 years. The Mamba has been playing the best basketball ever, and Mr. James said it best:

"I know I got no chance if Kobe Bryant has never won it."
-- Cavs forward LeBron James, on his MVP candidacy this year compared to others.

This Just In...

Breaking news; Falcons GM/Management hate fans.

Falcons release seven players, including 5-time Pro Bowler Alge Crumpler. Good. Now I can officially give up on them, and they can't hurt me in the draft when they throw away our top 10 pick, and continue giving the middle finger to the fan base.

I'm overreacting because of anger, but if anything, I am closer than ever to revoking my devotion as a fan of the Atlanta Falcons. That said, I am open to hear cases to become a fan of another NFL team, with the following caveats:

1. Must not be affiliated (even if only in name) with the city of New York.

2. Must have been in the playoffs twice in the past five seasons (sorry, I've done the long suffering losers thing, and I can't get back into that kind of relationship. I'm just not ready.)

3. Preferably a warm weather city, so that I can see them play anytime of year, and be able to sit through a game.

4. Must not be the Chargers.

5. At no point can the franchise have been to referred to as, "America's Team."

6. There must be no chance this team will move to Canada in the next 5 years (we're looking at you, Buffalo).

7. No overbearing psychotic ownership.

8. No place described as a dynasty; I need a new team, I'm not a shameless front runner.

Let the bidding for my fan heart, nay my fan SOUL begin today...

Looking Back: All-Star Weekend 2007

Heading into one of my favorite weekends of the year, I wanted to post my running diary from last year's All-Star Saturday night. My annual mid-season report will be coming later today...


Before I dive into the NBA’s All-Star Saturday Night, I would be remiss not to commentate on this captivating Gonzaga-Memphis game, marred by the Gonzaga coach playing for overtime at the end of regulation. The sporting gods have recognized this slap in their faces, and John Calapari remains the coach of a top-10 team.

Quick recap of All-Star Friday:

Chris Paul dropped 16 points, 17 assists, and 9 steals in Friday night's rookie/sophmore game. And we didn't draft him. How bout a nice, slow clap for the Hawks front office? Never failing to disappoint. And the celebrity game should never, ever happen again. That is all.

This diary is dedicated to Andre Igodala, who was a victim of grand larceny last year, allowing the world’s mightiest midget a win in what was the premier event of All-Star weekend. I won’t be covering the under card for a variety of reasons; the Shooting Stars competition involves the WNBA, and therefore shouldn’t be happening in the first place, the 3-point contest doesn’t matter because Larry Legend isn’t in it, and the Skills Competition decided to include Chris Paul in place of Steve Nash, but the selection committee didn’t have the good sense to follow suit for the All-Star game itself. I’m a little bitter. So, without further ado, the main event, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest!

9:35: Hahahahahahaha…if you were watching at around 9:30, you know exactly what I’m talking about, if not, shame on you.

10:15: One of the perks of working in a bar; I don’t have to hear the announcing over the dunks, though I’m sure the commentary is scintillating. Just scintillating.

10:33: It is terrifying that three of the five judges this year could beat the field in their street clothes. I’ll let you pick the three.

10:35 Tyrus Thomas goes 1-3 in round one. I appreciate the “Nate Robinson Rule” clock provided the viewers at home. As for the dunk, the one he finally pulled off was good, but as TNT just reminded us, has been done before, and better. Deserving 37.

10:37: Gerald Green, donned in the awful Celtic alternates, pulls off a GREAT dunk, utilizing Paul Pierce more than Doc Rivers has all year. My sleeper pick for the dub by the way.

10:39: Poor Dwight. If the NBA had raised the goal for him, and then he had done this, he could have won it outright. As it stands, he’s too big to pull off something really transcendent.

10:40: God, I hate Nate Robinson. But that was mildly impressive. Better than taking 12 attempts at a mediocre dunk and winning because he was short; young man got up. Standings after round 1, dunk one à Green, Robinson, Howard, Money Man

10:43: The selection of judges will keep us from seeing a 50 tonight, unless Green can pull off an NBA Live-type dunk, or Nate keeps making them on his first attempt. Ya know, because he’s little. (Actual text from my buddy Mike: I love how Jordan keeps giving lower scores than everyone else. Isn’t his personal bar like a 5-point handicap?)

10:46: Tyrus Thomas destroyed the net. That may be a dunk contest first, not to mention a pretty good dunk, wish he’dve jumped over Gordon without the twist, but still, no way he sees the next round.

10:50: I rescind anything I have ever said about the big man’s ability to win this thing. Dwight Howard just showed us how. Wow. I’m actually more surprised by the 42 than the dunk/sticker slap: He just jumped 12 and a half feet. Up.

10:52: Nate pulled another 45. That means that he’ll be in the finals. Because he’s little. Again.

10:54: Why use a cardboard standee when you’ve got the real Nate here? I hope Gerald kicks him in the face.

10:55: No such luck, but he combined a Dee Brown reference with a Dee Brown throwback over Nate Robinson. We’ve got our finalists.

11:00: Last night, I would have sworn I saw Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller in the same place, at the same time. But, you’d be amazed what they can do with special effects these days.

11:02: Nate only took three dunks this time. I hope the judges think that this matters this year. I was hoping the “Nate Robinson Rule” would claim its first casualty.

11:04: *Angry yawn* The perfect chance to crush this member of the lollipop guild, and Green comes with that weak nonsense. I’m so mad, I feel like Andre after making up 2 dunks and still losing last year.

11:06: At least we have seen some fallout from last year’s debacle, the little man ran out of steam, while he was running out of time.

11:07: Why is he still dunking; if that counted…wait a second, what’s the point of the rule if the time limit doesn’t matter? I hate the NBA. The only time I’ve asked for the announcers of a dunk contest be turned up, so I can know what happened.

11:09: Two things: I contend that I was right about the 50 point thing; that was not a 50-worthy dunk, it was good, even great, but no where near transcendent. Secondly, at least the Celtics won something this year; because Atlanta is finally gonna win the lottery. We’re due baby!

Feb 13, 2008

Congressional Train Wreck

John Swinton of the New York Times once said of the press, "Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Glad to see the ESPN baseball analysts are wearing lovely red pumps today.

Look, I've been able to catch bits and pieces of this throughout the day, and I'm more convinced than ever that Clemens is guilty. I was not convinced by Brian McNamee, or Roger Clemens, but by Andy Pettite, Chuck Knoblauch, and this unnamed Nanny. My favorite highlights that I can remember from the very beginning:

"I told the investigators I injected three people -- two of whom I know confirmed my account. The third is sitting at this table." -- Brian McNamee

"Andy Pettitte is my friend. He was my friend before this. He'll be my friend after this. And again, I think he has misheard." -- Roger Clemens

And the new existance of the word, "misremembered." If only the word had been around during the Clinton administration...

Oh, and not to mention an exchange between Roger and William Lacy Clay which amounted to him wasting his time with pointless hero worship.

Other highlights include a Congressman who has worked extensively with drug committees defending McNamee for rolling on everyone late, and a Representative claiming that Mr. Clemens is going to heaven.

As far as the Nanny goes, Clemens' tampering with the witness was glossed over so fast, it made my head spin. He claimed he was doing the Committee a favor by tracking down this lady, but did not turn her over until over 2 days after he found her, invited her to his home, talked with her for an hour, and then had his personal investigators call her and ask her questions.

Hey Roger, don't ever do me any favors. The whole thing stank of terrible, and watching the ESPN talking heads discuss it so far has made me even sicker.

For every real, salient question raised, there is someone there to slam the credibilty of McNamee, and take the glaring light of truth off of Clemens. This is the closest a legendary name in baseball history has ever been to being directly linked to steroids, but if you ask these guys, they'd be much more apt to crucify Barry Bonds than Roger Clemens. There's no shock that the MAWSM habitually takes this stance, and I won't get into them now. But, Rep. Elijah Cummings summed up the hearing in the best possible way during the closing when he said this:

If I walked in here, and it was even-steven, you and Mr. McNamee, I must admit that the person I believe most (pause) is Mr. Pettitte.

I've listened to you very carefully. And I take you at your word. And you're telling me that Andy Pettitte is an honest man, and his credibility is pretty much impeccable. … You said you were misunderstood. But all I'm saying is, it's hard to believe. It's hard to believe your story.

I hate to say that... You're one of my heores. But it's hard to believe you.

Roger Clemens. Owned.

Feb 11, 2008

What Could Have Been

Okay, well since I ran the Perfectville video last week, I have been telling everyone that they filmed two commercials, in case the Pats won. Well, the 'other' commercial finally leaked to the internet, and just makes me wonder what could have been...

Wow, that hurt.

Feb 8, 2008


So, apparently Roger Clemens has been going door to door over the past few days, trying to convince members of Congress of his innocence in the face of Brian McNamee's newly revealed evidence. His lawyer claims he is doing this to show that he is personally serious about proving his innocence.

Yeah right.

This is from the same guy who took forever to issue a statement after the news first broke. This is the same guy who claims he had no idea his best friend (Pettite) was using HGH for years. This is the same guy who taped a phone call which only made him look guiltier.

Roger Clemens is my anti-drug.

The Bocker...

Assuming anyone reads that silly email that I send with my updates, you already know that I have friends with a propensity for blogging, and even some who like to blog about sports too. Tony DeFreitas helps run The Bocker a site where he and his motley crew wax philosophic about sports and anything else.

His post to his readers about this site was kind and well written, but situated above a piece he had written about soccer. If I ever write about soccer (except for the World Cup), I want someone, anyone, to strike me hard between the eyes. As punishment to Tony for this affront, I post this video featuring the 2004 Boston Red Sox. It hurts me to post it, but I hope it hurts him more to see it.

Feb 7, 2008

Rest In Peace

Some people are claiming that this Shaq - Phoenix experiment has legs and could prove to be what is needed to push this team over the top. Some people think that this will be like the Showtime Lakers with a 40-year old Kareem. Some people think that this forces Dallas' hand in making a Jason Kidd deal.

I don't care about any of these people, and that's why I'm posting this:

Though, looking back at my NFL picks this year, this will most likely be wrong, and I just punched the Suns' ticket to the finals. Who knows.

If you want to play with the tombstone generator go here.

Feb 6, 2008

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Wow. I take what feels like a day off to survive the Super Bowl fallout, and all hell breaks loose. After my little break, I was ready to dive headlong into my other love, the NBA, but apparently the address has changed. Hell, basketball in general seems to have relocated. These were originally going to be three posts, but I wanted to capture just how weird these last few hours have been.


How dare you. You have gone ahead and handed the old purple and gold a ticket to the finals. Rake Colson, I thought you were insufferable during college football season, but now you have even a greater reason to be annoying. After watching the Lakers beat the Nets by 15 on a night when KB24 dropped a staggering 6 points, the Lake-Show has to be considered not only having the inside track to the Conference Finals, but maybe the O'Brien Trophy Finals themselves. Just thinking about the possibility of a Boston/LA finals, that includes neither the Great Western Forum or the Garden makes me want to puke. This will sour any stories or videos I ever have partaken in regarding the amazing nature of those 1980s wars.

This also feeds into my serious conspiracy theory that when players from old teams become GMs elsewhere, they are actually entering a top secret, undercover operation to destroy other teams/improve their old squad. Jerry West handed Gasol to the Lakers, Kevin McHale giftwrapped KG for the Celtics, and if you can entertain the thought that Isaiah has been submarining the Knicks on purpose, the last few years almost make sense.

Just a thought.


"What up, Knight?" This week we say goodbye to one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports. For all the nonsense that the talking heads in the media have slung at Robert Montgomery Knight, he will be remembered as one of the rare coaches for whom personal integrity and principles trumped money and fame.

He never left Texas Tech for a fatter contract and greater prestige at a larger, wealthier school. He also made sure his players graduated, unlike most of his colleagues, who could care less as long as the team is winning games. Just last year, he benched his top star for half the season because his grades weren't up to par. What other top coach in the D1 ranks would have the moral fiber to do that? It's unbelievable, especially when the vast majority of college coaches are duplicitous, liars in search of their next big contract, despite what they spew with a microphone in their face.

Most importantly, boosters, shady recruitment deals, and NCAA sanctions were completely foreign terms to Coach Knight. He followed the book, never cheated, and STILL managed to be the winningest, greatest coach in NCAA history.

Detractors point to his now famous blow-ups as evidence that he was a 'bad coach', but I take them as further evidence that he had a strict code of honor and how things should be done, and if you violated this code, you were subject to his wrath. If I were a basketball player, I would have been honored to play for the man, a sentiment felt echoed by most of his former players. His detractors are those who never played for him, or barely know him at all.


What the hell. Okay, let's try to follow the reasoning. You sit at 34-14, using a brand of highly entertaining, up-tempo basketball and unique chemistry, and you decide to improve by getting rid of your literal glue guy on the court, and acquiring a washed up (sorry), injured (double sorry), giant ego for your team.

My head hurts, I think I'm getting dizzy. Do you see what you have done Memphis? By giving away Gasol, you are forcing other teams to consider ridiculous deals. There are rumors that even the Spurs are thinking about moving pieces. WHAT HAVE YOU WROUGHT???

The argument is that Amare is deplorable defensively (true), and that Shaq will be good to send against the Spurs in the Finals (false). This is a big man who can't help but foul out anymore, and is on the books for 20 million for each of the next two years. WHAT??? I'll be in the fetal position, crying, if anyone needs me. I can't even remember what basketball was supposed to be like.

YouTube Goodness

This is hands down the coolest thing I have ever seen. I need this for Christmas.

Make that two.

Oh, and an added link goodness, Bill Simmons is selling his 'good luck' Pats jersey on eBay. If you like sports collectibles, this is a good one, and the proceeds are going to the Jimmy V fund, so it's a win-win.

[shameless plug]

And if collectibles are your thing, then you should check out www.worthpoint.com

[/shameless plug]

Feb 4, 2008

Kicking When Down

Since Reebok got the '72 Dolphins to star in an ad, apparently Nike refused to be left out. Pats fans, there is no reason to play this video.

Told you so. Again.

Super Bowl Fallout

In one game, the New England Patriots went from potentially the greatest team of all time to the most disappointing NFL team of all time. I watched every second of the game, and honestly thought that Brady was going to pull that game out. Knee jerk reactions...

*Eli had a great fourth quarter, but Justin Tuck or one of those other front four should have been the MVP. They derailed the greatest offense we've ever seen.

*Speaking of the offense, what/where the hell?

*When did Eli get maneuverable? In the words of my friend Rake Colson, Eli spinning out of those sacks is not a Manning move, it's a Montana/Brady move. The Manning move would be get sacked, pound the ground, and blame the o-line.

*I think the ankle was bugging Brady way more than he wanted to think.

*Go away Mercury Morris.

*The Pats are still a Dynasty, but we just learned that no one will ever go 19-0.

*All you people crucifying Belichick for leaving a little early, cut it out. Everyone figured the game was over, and though he was in the tunnel for the final kneel down, he shook Coughlin's hand, and hustled out so that the Giants could celebrate on their own.

*We should crucify him for wearing the Red Hoodie, when the Grey is what got you there. Again, what the hell?

*Wes Welker tied the Super Bowl record with 11 receptions.

*How you finish is how you're remembered. 18-1.

*At least I guessed the score for the Giants. Just not the Pats.

I still can't believe this.


I'm still confused as to what happened last night, but this commercial is helping put it in perspective: warning, if you are a Patriots fan, don't play the video. Trust me.

Told you not to.

Feb 1, 2008

Lies, Damned Lies, And Super Bowl Lies...

Before I unveil my Super Bowl pick (which, based on this past season of picks, could be worthless), I want to address and debase some of the more popular falsehoods that have been put forth over the last 2 weeks of Super Bowl preparation.


Ignore these numbers. The score in the week 17 match up between these two teams is much closer than the game ever was. Belichick calls the second half of games exceedingly different than he does the first half; he turned up the heat on Eli Manning, and took the win from the upstart Giants. And Brady demonstrated what he can do against that defense with their last 4 possessions of the game, which went as follows: TD, TD, TD, Kneel. The only reason the last Giants touchdown seemed so important is because in the second quarter the Pats allowed their only kickoff return for a touchdown all year, which was also the Giants only kickoff return for a touchdown all year. And all this nonsense happened in cold weather, while the Super Bowl is being played in Arizona.

Brady is too hurt to play well

Aside from the fact that he has been untaped and unbraced the last two days of practice, we've seen players play in big games with much more major injuries. A few years ago, we all saw the impact that Terrell Owens had coming off of a broken leg, and a few weeks ago, we saw Phil Rivers play on a torn ligament in his knee. Let's just say, that Brady will be playing, and he will be fine.

Randy Moss has disappeared in the playoffs

He has far from vanished, though he has been hard to see through the double and triple coverages. His impact has been seen and felt in the box scores of the games, just not under his name. Check the numbers corresponding with men by the names of...let's see...Welker, Stallworth, Gaffney, and Watson. Oh, and please also look at Faulk and Maroney, under receiving yards. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Eli Manning has turned into an elite quarterback

Ok, everyone has different parameters over what defines greatness is, and maybe my bar is too high. He has looked good at specific times this postseason, but I'm not ready to give the kid the crown just yet. Anyone who brings more than 5 can get to him, yet no one has done it since the 3rd quarter of the Week 17 game. He has averaged less than 200 ypg this postseason, and won't be getting that against this defense. Hey, speaking of...

The Giants exposed the Patriot defense Week 17

While hanging 35 was admirable, in the loss, don't look for the Giants to repeat the feat. They were picking on a beat up, tired, OLD team playing in the cold. As I already mentioned, this temperature plays right into New England's hands; both the offense and defense looked better early this year, not only because of the fatigue factor, but because they operate better in warm weather. Which we will see Sunday.


Oh, Plax. Why would you bring it on yourself? It's good to be confident in your team, but the Pats are 18-0 for a reason. People, as opposed to thinking up ways for them to lose, let's think about how many ways (and times) they've won this year. Especially in games where someone has poked the sleeping giant (see ex-Steeler no name), this team has used that motivation to not only win, but to embarrass. Good run Giants, but your tour ends here.

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