Feb 4, 2008

Super Bowl Fallout

In one game, the New England Patriots went from potentially the greatest team of all time to the most disappointing NFL team of all time. I watched every second of the game, and honestly thought that Brady was going to pull that game out. Knee jerk reactions...

*Eli had a great fourth quarter, but Justin Tuck or one of those other front four should have been the MVP. They derailed the greatest offense we've ever seen.

*Speaking of the offense, what/where the hell?

*When did Eli get maneuverable? In the words of my friend Rake Colson, Eli spinning out of those sacks is not a Manning move, it's a Montana/Brady move. The Manning move would be get sacked, pound the ground, and blame the o-line.

*I think the ankle was bugging Brady way more than he wanted to think.

*Go away Mercury Morris.

*The Pats are still a Dynasty, but we just learned that no one will ever go 19-0.

*All you people crucifying Belichick for leaving a little early, cut it out. Everyone figured the game was over, and though he was in the tunnel for the final kneel down, he shook Coughlin's hand, and hustled out so that the Giants could celebrate on their own.

*We should crucify him for wearing the Red Hoodie, when the Grey is what got you there. Again, what the hell?

*Wes Welker tied the Super Bowl record with 11 receptions.

*How you finish is how you're remembered. 18-1.

*At least I guessed the score for the Giants. Just not the Pats.

I still can't believe this.


Adrian said...

You are right, when did Eli get maneuverable? Shocked the hell out of me. However, as a pure third party fan, I do have to say that was one of the best plays in football I have seen. It's the Superbowl, you are playing easily one of the best teams in NFL history, you are losing, it's the last drive of the game and that happens? Wow is all I can say.

Also, although Tom Brady is a stud, I don't know if spinning out of those sacks is exactly his move. How many times has he had to pull some athletic move out of his ass to stay up? I can't think of a time. You know his NFL combine tape? Yeah, not much has changed in the athleticism department.

P.S. I hope neither the Lakers nor the Pistons make it past the first round of the NBA playoffs or that's all I'm going to hear about from your friend Rake Colson and our lovable but homosexual mutual acquaintance who I will not name. Let's just call him Matt B. No that's too obvious. How about M. Barsamian?

DPalm66 said...

Ladies and gentlemen, Adrian Paul Demko!

I too was watching as a third party fan, but I thought I was going to get to see history. I was right, but not in the way I thought.

Good point on Brady, but I was quoting Rake at that point. I would have said Vick but I would have cried before finishing the sentence.

When the NBA Playoffs start, just work nonstop and avoid all phone calls from those two; this is the main reason I moved away, I knew something like this would happen after Favre started being good again.

Adrian said...

Rake would say something like that. Yeah that has to be difficult because Vick would have been the perfect example, sorry bud.

Yeah way to think ahead. Heard it all football season about Farve. Now I've got the Lakers and the Pistons to hear about. Then in baseball season I get to hear about the Tigers. Can we please bring back Da Bulls during the early-mid 90's? Thanks.