Feb 8, 2008

The Bocker...

Assuming anyone reads that silly email that I send with my updates, you already know that I have friends with a propensity for blogging, and even some who like to blog about sports too. Tony DeFreitas helps run The Bocker a site where he and his motley crew wax philosophic about sports and anything else.

His post to his readers about this site was kind and well written, but situated above a piece he had written about soccer. If I ever write about soccer (except for the World Cup), I want someone, anyone, to strike me hard between the eyes. As punishment to Tony for this affront, I post this video featuring the 2004 Boston Red Sox. It hurts me to post it, but I hope it hurts him more to see it.

1 comment:

Tony DeFreitas said...

ha nice post. jackass.

Btw, I am waiting for Curt Schilling to end up playing 2008 while wearing a bloody shoulder wrap to get the nation going.