Feb 19, 2008

The Week(end) That Was

And now for the home stretch. With the All-Star Break behind us, most teams are sprinting towards the trade deadline on Thursday, and the playoffs a few weeks later. That said, here are some assorted thoughts from All-Star Weekend...

- Someone should forever cancel the Celebrity Game. What a waste of time.

- Jason Kopono and Kyle Kover have never been seen in the same room ever.

- The Dunk Contest is, unequivocally, BACK. From blowing out the cupcake to Dwight Howard going up, up and away, my favorite event has been rescued from the brink of obscurity. And the lack of Nate Robinson meant that it was actually entertaining. Two thumbs up!

- The All-Star Jerseys were the most dizzying thing I have ever seen in my life. It was like watching giant pinwheels run through a poorly lit room.

- Actually alot of fun to watch the game itself this year; with REAL PGs like Kidd, Nash, and Paul running the show, the game was fun to watch and very free flowing. Glad to see the East was a little mad over last year, and came out of the gate gunning. LeBron was the MVP, but that performance put on by Ray Allen to end the game was amazing.

As far as all the trade talk, God Bless the Sacramento Kings for sending Mike Bibby to the A, and shipping out the WNBA's ugliest player, Tyronne Lue. Aside from bringing fresh blood to the Highlight Factory (I swear, that is what they call Phillips Arena), we get rid of a big draft mistake in Sheldon Williams, who's forehead is so big, they dubbed it a five-head.

The Kings got...well...some off season flexibility?

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