Dec 29, 2007

Quick Picks

Happy holidays from 60 degree Atlanta Georgia. While it is apparently good news that the NFL is simulcasting the game tonight between the Pats and the Giants on CBS and NBC, I have but one question for Roger Goodell:

What the hell, man?

I showed my undying appreciation and love for your product, the Shield, by becoming one of dozens (maybe) who paid the extra 8 dollars a month for the package that happened to include the NFL Network. I remember clearly looking at the schedule and thinking how the package would pay for itself just for this game. And now this. Needless to say, Roger, I am not pleased.
On to picks; home team in bold.

Terminators (-13) over Eli Manning

Yeah, the Pats might sit some players, focusing on the postseason over making history. And I might sprout wings and fly out this window. The latter is more likely.



Miami (-2.5) over Cincy

The Phins have something to prove to Parcells, namely that the entire team need not be fired. In that spirit, losing to the Dolphins may be the answer to the immortal question, "What does Marvin Lewis have to do to be fired?"

Buffalo (-8) over Philly

A young, up and coming team versus an underachieving team? Week 17? I bet Kolb gets some time, just to 'see what he can do'. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Tampa (-3) over Carolina

I'll be starting this weekend for the Panthers, as a winner of a radio call in contest. I'm so proud to be caller number 8!! Oh, and to be starting over David Carr.

Jacksonville (+6.5) over Houston

Vegas apparently thinks the Jags won't play their starters all game, but I contend that their seconds are at least 6.5 points within the injury ravaged Texans.

Seattle (pick) over Atlanta

At least I don't have to watch this game, which is a mortal lock to be blacked out in my area.

Nawlins (-1.5) over Chicago

Donovan McNabb, they're already drawing up the contract.

Cleveland (-12) over San Francisco

If the Browns win and Tennessee loses, the Browns are in the playoffs. Well, at least the Browns are going to win...

Detroit (+5) over Aaron Rodgers

Favre will start to maintain the streak, but with nothing at all to play for, look for a preview of the post-Favre Pack.

Minnesota (-3) over Denver

Adrian Peterson is allegedly taking a number of offensive teammates with him to the Pro Bowl. Mr. Jackson, you will not be making the trip. This year, or ever.

Washington (-9) over Dallas

One team fighting to make the playoffs, one team with nothing to play for.

Pittsburgh (-3) over Baltimore

This game was supposed to matter.

St. Louis (+6) over Arizona

No one cares. No one playing, no one watching.

Oakland (+9) over San Diego

See above.

Kansas City (+6) over NYJ

The 'Herm Edwards ruined our team' Bowl! Clemens!! Huard!!

Tenn (-5) over Indy

While Fantasy Football players everywhere activate Jim Sorgi, the Titans have to win to get in, against a team that has nothing to play for. Marvin Harrison is allegedly coming back though, so this could go either way.

Dec 25, 2007


Hope you're having a better day than Scott Skiles...what, too soon?

Merry Christmas.

Yeah, even you Steve.

Dec 22, 2007

My-Mom-Says-We're Super Group

Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Pharrell are coming together to form a rap group called CRS, and they have already released a few songs on various mixtapes. If this group comes together, I will gladly buy the album, but until then, unofficial videos and singles are all I have. Unofficial videos like this one!

For more music news and whatnot, visit my little brother's blog right here.

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this.

Except Steve.

Dec 20, 2007

Fantasy Fallout ...and PICKS!!!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the Sports Watchers radio show on Monday; I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the next time I’m on. NCAA Bowl Season starts tonight, with Utah playing Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl, while going head to head with Pittsburgh at St. Louis on NFL Network. Since I’m apparently one of 8 people in America who got this channel, looks like I have a decision to make.

Quick fantasy update before this weeks picks; apparently, the fantasy gods have a sense of humor.

Steve went on to tie Cheese in the first round of the playoffs with his cheater team, and because Cheese had accumulated more total points over the course of the season, he was awarded the win, and the honor of being vanquished by me in the finals. Below are some of the reactions I got to this story of sportsmanship gone bad, and I’m glad to see that most people are upstanding, honorable people. Except for you Steve.

“Just read the blog about the Laney League. Awesome. You are the man. Finish him.”

“Wow. Can he be considered an evil genius or a criminal mastermind? Has he reached that level yet?”
– Mike

“The story about your fantasy league is one of the most devious things i have ever heard. This could trump the Mitchell report as a bigger sports scandal. I’m sorry you have to go through that. Obviously sportsmanship isn't in the vocabulary of your ‘friend’.”

Not to mention this comment from an obviously upset Matt Barsamian.

“If you need any help (I doubt that you do) in hunting down any one of these "people" that have done their best to ruin what is the SPORT of fantasy football, you let me know and I'll be on the next flight.”

Rest easy my friend, good has triumphed,

Still, this was all worth it to see the tie score on Wednesday morning, and a tiny asterisk denoting the tie-break.

Now, picks. Keep in mind, I have proven to have no idea what I am talking about all season. That said, home teams are in bold.

St. Louis (-7.5) over Pittsburgh

Flip flopped a couple of times with this one; the Steelers lost a tough, physical game last week in bad conditions, and now they’re expected to thrive in a track meet setting against a healthier Stephen Jackson just four days later? Nahhhhhhh.

Dallas (-10.5) over Carolina

The last time the Panthers won at home, I was in high school. Couple their futility with the fact that Dallas has something to play for (home field) and no matter how bad that thumb hurts, Romo will pull through. Huh. Never thought I’d say that.

Jax (-13) over Oakland

Oakland is one of those quietly frisky teams in the AFC” – Some talking head. That may be true, but Jacksonville has been playing lights out, and that’s BEFORE their whole team got snubbed in the Pro Bowl.

Buffalo (+2.5) over NYGiants

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: snow falling, Christmas trees up, the annual Tom Coughlin collapse. Ah, winter.

Green Bay (-8.5) over Chicago

When is the last time that this game mattered? Seriously, it seems like if one of these teams is even DECENT, the other is awful. I need a secretary to look this kind of stuff up.

Cleveland (-3) over Cincy

Remember way back in week 2 when these teams combined to score 96 points, and it was such a huge upset that the Browns beat the Bengals? Well, now that the Bengals are trying to get Marvin Lewis fired (more on that later) and the Browns can legitimately win the AFC North, that really wasn’t much of an upset, huh?

KC (+4.5) over Detroit

The Meltdown in Motown continues. Hey, I could work for ESPN!!!

Saints (-3) over Philly

I don’t care how good the Eagles looked last Sunday; the Saints are 3 months away from a signed, sealed confession that Reggie Bush is just not an every down back. He’s a gimmick, like he was in college. Which I’ve been saying since his last year on the USC payroll. But, I digress…

Indy (-7) over Texans

The Colts have literally nothing to play for, as they are locked into the 2nd position in the AFC, so Houston could have a chance. But, Dungy saw what happened when he rested his players the year the Steelers won it all, so look to see Peyton in the 4th quarter these next two weeks.

Tampa (-6) over San Fran

Exactly one year after finishing in the cellar of the NFC South, the Bucs have locked up the division with two weeks left this year. In a division that sent exactly ZERO players to the Pro Bowl this year.

Atlanta (+10) over Arizona

Something’s gotta give. It just has to.

Seattle (pick) over Baltimore

Wait a second, there is no line because we don’t know if Kyle Boller is going to play? We’re really awaiting this news? In a game pitting a division winner against the team that stopped the Phins’ run towards ‘greatness’? Really?

Snitches (+8.5) over Tennessee

Listen very closely. Even when they win, the Titans do not blow people out. Do not ever forget that.

Terminators (-22) over Dolphins

Could have been historic. No nor’easter this week…so…



Washington (+6.5) over Minnesota

Todd Collins!!! Tavaris Jackson!!! The NFL Sunday Night on NBC!!!

Denver (-8.5) over San Diego

Not even Norv can screw this one up right?

Okay, things throughout the league are getting ridiculous; we’re in week 16, and no coach has been fired yet. Lovie Smith and Marvin Lewis don’t deserve to be on the hot seat? No one is calling for Scott Linehan or Cam Cameron’s heads? Brian Billick (loser of 8 straight) and Rod Marinelli (loser of 6 straight) aren’t packing bags??? What is going on here???

Way Too Excited

The unequivocally best show on television returns soon. If you haven't watched the previous four seasons, find a way to watch them before this one. The best thing to happen to American television ever is amazing, and you should get on board.

The Wire is a work of art, in the objective sense (as opposed to, "that's so good it's like a work of art"). It is an artist's viewpoint and his statement on our society. At least in my opinion, it is poignant because of its honesty and accuracy, in both its portrayal of what is, and its portrayal of what could be.

That's the season 5 trailer. If you're a fan, and it doesn't get you hyped, just pop those cyanide pills and take a good, long nap.

Pretty Funny

Got sent this link today by an old friend...

Some Garfield comic strips. Minus the Garfield. An excelle
nt study of the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and methamphetamine addiction in a quiet American suburb.

Dec 18, 2007

Mid-Range Jumpers

I must interrupt your regularly scheduled blog with a special announcement...

In case you missed last nights The Sports Watchers radio show, the entire thing is available for easy listening at where you can hear me bemoan the current state of the Falcons future. I haven't heard it yet, so if I sound stupid, tell me so

...And now back to America's favorite long-running and rarely updated column format, the truly lost art of the Mid-Range Jumper!!

- The Mitchell Report has 'shockingly' outed Roger Clemens as a long time HGH and steroid user. Now, I don't really care about steroids in MLB anymore (attempting restraint) so I won't say any more (aw, to hell with it) I TOLD YOU SO!!!

- Sorry about that. Apparently A-Rod and his agent aren't talking; you ask me, Mr. Boras fell on the PR grenade for his client, a move that will pay off when he signs the next big thing in regards to the depth of his loyalty.

- The Suns handed the Spurs their first home loss last night, showing that Grant Hill really is a good fit for this team, having led Phoenix scorers with 22.

- Roy Williams was suspended today by the NFL for his horse collar tackle of Donovan F. McNabb, who might have saved his job by winning in Big D. Roy, if they make a rule to stop a tackle because you hurt someone with it, you might not want to keep doing it. Just my two cents.

- Florida State athletics is apparently embroiled in a cheating scandel that may touch many programs including (gasp) the football team. In other news, the sky is still blue.

- Dick Vitale will be undergoing vocal cord surgery. Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

- It doesn't matter who Tony Romo is or isn't dating come the playoffs: if they stumble down the stretch, and have to play at Green Bay, just go ahead and get ready for the battle of legendary seasons that will be Packers/Patriots.

- I am not cheering for the Terminators, but I have to admit this past Sunday was impressive. They basically shut up every talking head that said this team was the pre-Super Bowl winning Colts, because when they have to, they can be tough, physical and jam it down the other teams throats. Plus, the linebacking corps get to be paid less, as the balance of their game checks is covered in Social Security.

As we all wait anxiously for Bowl Season to begin December 20th, I for one am looking mostly forward to next season. Why am I so excited?

Knowshon Knows Football.

Great video of Moreno's performance against the evil Florida Gators. Hawaii doesn't stand a chance.

Dec 16, 2007

I Blame Him

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Other times, words are worth a thousand...nevermind. I agree with Lawyer Malloy's edit of Petrino's letter, but to hear more about what I think on Week 15, and all things NFL, tune in to at 6:45 EST tomorrow, December 17, where I'll be guesting a 5 minute NFL segment, and generally make a fool of myself.

Oh, and the fantasy league we're going to be at least mentioning is my Columbia Football alumni one, not the league that was discussed here. Just to clarify.

See you there. Not really, I mean, it's a radio show, but I'll hear you there.

But I won't be hearing you either, will I? I guess you can hear me know what I'm trying to say.

Dec 14, 2007

Unhealthy Competition

I am a competitive person, almost to a fault. This trait comes naturally to me, like breathing, and during any competition, I find myself willing to do almost anything to win. I mean, I wouldn’t throw dirt in the third baseman’s face during an old-man beer league softball game, but we all can’t be Vinny Marino, now can we? I grew up under the Palmer family rules of learning: get beat until you figure out how to something about it. This was applied in cards, dominoes, board games of all shape and size, basketball, and most recently, video games.

My parents own a Wii, as does my little brother at college. Over Thanksgiving, we thought that it would be a fun, family activity to get in a little post-dinner Wii bowling. Being the only person not armed with a Wii at home, I came into what would later be known as Armageddon with only my wits, and my indomitable will. We played a few games, some I won (resulting in me gloating mercilessly) some I lost (resulting in my sulking, and demanding we play again), but the last game will stick with me forever. 10 frames later, my little brother had hung a 299 on the rest of our unsuspecting family. I could have cried. Needless to say, I am determined to throw up a 300 come Christmas break. Or beat him up. Either will do.

I’ll keep you posted.

Now, I tell you that story, to tell you this story, but I must warn you: this is a tale of betrayal of the highest order, and if you are a fan of decency and fair play, this will only anger you, and you should turn back now.

Knowing most of you fairly well, I assume you’re still here.

One of my Fantasy Football Leagues is comprised of a bunch of guys I used to work with, whom I happen to stay in touch with fairly well. From the jump, this league was off to a shady start, as our League Manager, one Jordan Hammond, told NO ONE when the draft was going to happen. Fortunately, I was dealt a decently good hand, as I had pre-ranked my players to match another draft I was having. Through shrewd free agent pick-ups, I developed a juggernaut team that steam rolled the regular season, finishing 12-1, averaging well over 120 points a game. The playoffs started last weekend, and I was facing down the owner who had handed me my only defeat in the regular season, so naturally all my efforts were focused on destroying him.

My rage blinded me to the world around me.

On the other side of the bracket, one of my good friends Cheese was set to face off against my sworn enemy, Steve “Satan” Martin. The details of our long standing rivalry will be shared in the Martin/Palmer Chronicles coming in the New Year, but the bottom line is that this has gone on for way too long. Steve backed into the playoffs, and was in line to get beaten by Cheese, setting the table for a final that I would win, but would enjoy, because of the 2 weeks of good natured trash talk that would ensue. Unbeknownst to me, Steve was putting into motion plans to derail everything.

I was enjoying a nice, home cooked meal at my parents house (one of the benefits of moving back to Atlanta), when I checked my email on my phone, noticing a lot of new messages from this Laney League regarding trades. Knowing that the trade deadline had passed, I was a bit confused, and after dinner hopped on my parents 1998 Gateway to (slowly) figure out was going on. Steve had pressured Jordan, under the pretense of beating me, to change the rules of the league and allow trades at such a late date. Further, he had traded to Jordan the pu-pu platter of Andre Johnson, Steve Smith and the Texans Defense for the trio of Chad Johnson, Adrian Peterson (the good one) and the Chargers Defense. Further, I saw that he had also traded with another of my supposed friends, Skip, and acquired Reggie Wayne for Shaun McDonald.

Needless to say, I was not amused.

A 25 minute phone call later, I had called Steve every name in the book, and a few I made up. He was unswayed by my display of anger at his underhandedness, but did let one thing slip: he was in talks with a certain other member of our league to attain LDT. As I hung up, I was already calling the others who had helped him do this to me.

Jordan: Still ducking my calls a week later. I understand you’re scared, and you have every reason to be. Still, I am currently no where near Oxford, the least you could do is answer. Coward.

Skip: How dare you. For so long, we stood in defiance against this evil, and in one move, you undid all the good. It is for the best that you didn’t call me after the Atlanta game on Monday night, because I most likely would have hunted you down in a fury before unseen on this Earth. Benedict.

Luke: The man who would trade LDT. I have always said that you are my most virtuous of friends, and our conversation proved it. VERBATIM: “The ongoing battle between good and evil, you and Steve, needs no outside influence. The scales must be balanced and I will not be one to tip them.” Hero.

Steve: Being competitive is one thing. Changing the rules of the game to fit you is a line not even I would cross. But then again, I am a person who believes in values and fair-play, while you are Satan himself. You will rue the day you restoked the fires of war between us. The kid gloves are off. Target.

As a show of “good faith” or something, Steve pulled some of his ringers for the first week of his playoff match-up against Cheese, and almost lost. He claims that I have brought down the thunder, by stating that I am not afraid of him, and that he will unleash the dogs of hell on me in the championship. My reply? Bring it.

Dec 13, 2007

A Bad 48...and PICKS!

I guess, in response to this e-mail from the desk of one Matthew David Barsamian:

We're all dying to know if there is going to be any "blogging" done on your end with regards to the worst (read: best) day in the history of Atlanta sports? Maybe an exclusive one-on-one with Vick via webcam in the slammer? Audio of a phone call with Petrino from his new penthouse in Fayetteville? Personally I'm looking forward to you breaking the "Marty Schottenheimer isn't dead, he's the new coach of the Falcons" story.

I hate my friends.

What a rough 48 hours. I had been meaning to write sooner, but I was rendered catatonic as the Atlanta Falcons’ world threatened to collapse upon itself. As far as the Vick verdict goes, America, are we happy now? You’ve given a man 23 months in jail and 3 years of probation for killing some dogs? Congratulations. Anyone who knows me realizes what a dog person I am, but this is ridiculous. 1st time offender, no where near the scene of the operation, and agreeing to work with the feds. People are going to have opinions, but the fact remains in the end; he killed some dogs. He didn’t harm people, he didn’t threaten anyone, he engaged in an archaic and barbaric practice, and he’s losing three years of his life and career for it. Those of you who think that I am being not harsh enough, I must go back to my Leonard Little defense. The St. Louis Rams defensive end was sentenced to 90 days in jail after being found guilty of killing a woman while driving drunk. Someone made the counterpoint


Now, I get to switch form defense to offense; Bobby “Lil’ Nicky Saban” Petrino. This is the utmost form of cowardice; this man (and I use that term in only the most scientific of senses) sent the players who bought into his philosophies and ways of playing a 50 word letter as he was attending a late-night news conference in Fayettesville. Congrats Hogs, you got a turncoat quitter for your team. How can these kids of U of A respect him now? When he tells them to fight through the bad, to finish what you start? His credibility is shot forever.

Lawyer Malloy said it best when he scratched out Petrino’s name at the bottom of the letter that was sent ot all the players, and wrote in red ink: COWARD

Since Roger Clemens was one of the names named in today’s Mitchell Report, it was interesting to watch the MAWSM (middle-aged white sports media) backpedal in the face of evidence that one of the biggest obvious steroid users in the game. Their complaints about the report? The sources were ‘dubious’ at best, and there are no failed tests to back up the story. Where was this requirement of proof when Bonds was being crucified the last few years? They sure aren’t calling for astricks on Clemens’ stuff in the Hall, now are they?

Picks below, home teams in bold

Houston (-2.5) over Denver

Sage Rosefals!!

Cincy (-8) over San Fran

Shaun Hill!!

Tampa (-13.5) over Atlanta

Chris Redman!!

Seattle (-7.5) over Carolina

Vinny Testaverde!!

Pit (-3.5) over Jacksonville

Okay, these are two pretty good qbs.

Packers (-8.5) over Rams

Brock Berlin!!

B’More (-3.5) over Phins

Cleo Lemon!!

(-24.5) over Snitches

Doesn't matter...the Jets started all this nonsense.



With extreme prejudice.

Nawlins (-3.5) over 'Zona

Kurt Warner!!

Buffalo (+5.5) over Cleveland

Derek Anderson!! (I don't care how well he's playing, he's still Derek Anderson)

Tenn (-3.5) over KC

Damon Huard!!

Indy (-10) over Oak

Josh McCown!!

Dallas (-10) over Philly

Soon-to-be traded Donovan McNabb

Detroit (+10) over San Diego

Phillip Rivers!! (How bad as he looked this year?)

Giants (-4.5) over Washington

Todd Collins!!

Chicago (+10) over Minnesota

Tavaris Jackson!!

Dec 6, 2007

It's a Thin Line...

There exists a fine line between being cocky and being confident.

And the fact that the Celtics wore the below warm-ups before a road game, against their natural rivals, the Sixers, shatters that line, and has bought a timeshare in the realm of conciet. The fact that Philly felt the need to wear their championships on their backs, all three of them, just magnified the fact that the Celts had 16 banners ontheir backs.

I hate the entire city of Boston and the New England region. I hate the Bill Beli-Cheats. I hate the fact that the Sox will most likely land Johan beacuse Hal Steinbrenner is destined to outshine his dad as certifibly insane. I am learning to hate the PGA Tour. More than anything, I hate the happiness all this is undoubtedly giving Ward and Nez. I can only take solace in the fact that it is 60 degrees here in Atlanta, and both of them are most likely caught in a snow drift.

Dec 5, 2007

Hatton/Mayweather...and PICKS!!!

I want it to die. We all hate it when a legendary athlete holds on too long, or tries to recapture former glory. We cringed seeing Michael Jordan in Wizards blue, I die a little inside every time I watch film of ‘Nique on the Magic, and don’t get me started on Jerry Rice as a Seahawk. If we feel so strongly about our athletes, why don’t we let our sports go quietly into that good night?

Why won’t boxing just die?

Gone are the days of Sugar Ray, Jack Dempsey and Billy Conn. We are much departed from the years of Forman, Frazier, and Ali. No one in a ten-block radius can name the current heavy weight champion, and why would they be able to? Boxing isn’t relevant anymore, and, frankly, no one cares. Well, we wouldn’t. Except for…


Damn you HBO. Damn you for sticking by what worked in making people care about PBF vs. De La Hoya earlier this year. Damn you for tricking me into watching again, and again caring about a fight. Do I know who is going to win Mayweather vs. Hatton? No. But I do know that I have watched these guys train, live, and prep for over a month now, and I am actually interested in the outcome. I don’t know if I’ll spring the money to pay for the fight, but at least now I’m thinking about it. Well met, HBO.

Now for week 14 picks, with home teams in bold.

Chicago (+3) over Washington

After the AMAZING coaching of Joe Gibbs last week (back to back time outs to freeze the kicker, essentially handing Buffalo 15 yards, and an invitation to win the game) I can only assume he will be kicking to Devin Hester as much as possible in some sort of encore.

Jax (-10) over Carolina

I would say that next year will be better for the Panthers, but historically, the team that was last in the NFC South one year is the first the next. A weird trend, yes, but weirder still that the Falcons futility this year could keep Carolina from being any good next year either.

Dallas (-11.5) over Detroit

Free…duh-duh-duh…Free fallin’…I hate Tom Petty, and I hate this team.

Packers (-10) over Oakland

Favre is healthy and back and against a moderate weather team in Lambeau in December. Sounds like the makings of a blow out. Especially when a McCown brother will be intimately involved. Don’t let last week fool you!

San Diego (pick) over Tenn

How is there no line on this game? Is the Vince Young that just wins games back? Will LT driving this team propel me to win my fantasy league?

G-Men (+3) over Philly

I love the Illadelph. The week they finally fire the worst GM in the history of sports (Billy King - Isaiah is making a push, but he needs to be there longer, and destroy more), but they welcome to town the division rival who spanked them earlier this year. Hopefully that poor boy won’t be starting at left tackle again, or it could be another very long night.

Tampa (pick) over Houston

Another pick-em. Grrrrrrr. Well, I think that whoever is the back up in Tampa is better than his counterpart in Houston, but I’ve been wrong before. Like, most of the time. So I went with the road team, because, as we all know, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Buffalo (-7) over Miami

Chasing history…and gaining on it quickly. There are reports of dissention within the Dolphins locker room. Can anyone guess why?

Cincy (pick) over St. Louis

This is getting ridiculous. Looks like a fun match-up on paper, only because so many of these players are big fantasy guys. But, the Rams let Chris Redman throw the Falcons back into the game last week, so I don’t know how much faith I have in them. Expect a shootout, with Cincinattica pulling out the win.

Niners (+8.5) over Minnesota

I know, the Vikings looked like gang-busters last week, but I remain unconvinced by Jackson, and this one dimensional offense has to stop at some time. Well they are playing a team that has zero dimensional offense, so who knows.

Seattle (-7) over Arizona


Terminators (-10) over Steelers

Okay, two straight weeks of not covering spreads, and barely beating teams. One week of listening to how this is the squad to knock them off. Didn’t we say the same thing about the Cowboys?



Cleveland (-3) over the Snitches

The only hope the Jets have is if the team somehow gains superhuman powers before next week. I was kind of joking when I told my dad that the Pats shouldn’t even bring the punter next week, but on second thought, I think it would send the right message.

Denver (-6.5) over Kansas City

The triumphant return of Damon Huard. Wait…

Indy (-9.5) over Baltimore

Ravens fans, you’re looking at a big let down after that Pats game. Emotionally, performance wise, the whole nine.

Nawlins (pick) over Atlanta

How are we subjected to this after the great game we had last week? How is there no line? I would literally give 20 points if they were asking; this is my Stone Cold Stunner, Hollywood Hogan, running leg drop pick of the season. Which means the Falcons will most likely win. I hate myself.

Where were YOU???

Saw this on Simmons' article today, had to post it because it's so true. Picks and other stuff coming later today. His number 1 undeniable sports fact:

The most agonizing baseball moment since Bill Buckner's gaffe was Francisco Cabrera's series-winning single for Atlanta that killed Pittsburgh in the 1992 playoffs. Not only did the Pirates blow a ninth-inning lead, not only did Cabrera, a no-name, deliver the final blow, not only did comically slow Sid Bream somehow beat a Barry Bonds throw home, not only was it the Pirates' third straight October defeat ... but Bonds signed with the Giants a couple of months later, banishing the Pirates to small-market hell. They haven't been heard from since. The franchise was effectively murdered by one play.

It's funny because it's oh-so-true. And because I live in Atlanta. Not Pittsburgh.

Dec 3, 2007

What a Pile of BcS

Another regular season in the books, another BCS controversy on our hand, right on time. You could set your calendar by this flawed system screwing up an entire Bowl Season, and be all right for a year. For what it’s worth, this has been the nuttiest NCAA Football season in memory, a season which saw Mizzou somehow attain the number 1 overall ranking, and yet not get selected to play in any BCS games when the time came. Some call this an injustice, but I would rather take solace in the words of a lifelong Mizzou supporter:

"The natural order of college football has been restored." -- Todd Abrams

And, by God, he’s right. Remember earlier this year, with all the talking heads prognosticating about what could happen if USF, Kansas, or Hawaii were to play in the BCS National Title game? Well, all of that worked itself out in the end, as there are two apparently deserving teams in the National Title game. Apparently. Maybe.

*Allow me to preface this whole next section by admitting that I am a Georgia fan, but I also realize we were in no way going to the National Title game, so the call for reform stems not from that*

It is this lack of certainty that has everyone carrying pitchforks and torches, clamoring for a playoff system, or at least a plus-one game to decide the National Champion. Color me one of these teeming masses. This is a fundamentally flawed system that in 10 years of existence has undergone 7 changes in calculation, and seriously screwed up no less than 3 times. College football elicits the most passion nationally out of any sport, yet it is the only one with no definitive method of naming a champion. How does the #4 BCS team get leapfrogged on a weekend they did not play? Does that make any logical sense to anyone else? I understand that it is a mathematical equation, and that the win in a conference title game adds to the quality win total, but doesn’t it also go to say that if you were to win your conference title game by 2 touchdowns, when your opponent was the number 1 team in the nation, that it would be a more quality win than another conference title win? Or is that just too nuts for everybody?

The main arguments against the proposed playoff system is that it would extend an already long season, it would be hard for fan bases to travel, and of course, the money issue. The answer is the same to all three questions – drop all conference title games, drop the 12th game, take the 6 BCS conference champions, and 2 at-large bids, and play out the playoffs. The finale can still have a month of build up, as the semis would fall on what is now Heisman night…push that back a week and we’re all set. You can still populate your bowls with the other teams, or better yet, name the playoff rounds after big-bowl games. It’s not a perfect answer, but it’s better than what we got now.

And even if you don’t change the system, at least change some of the match-ups we’re stuck with this. Most of these BCS match-ups are going to be blowouts, and not at all interesting. I know that much was said about the tradition of certain bowls, but what if USC played Georgia in the Rose Bowl, while Hawaii face Illinois in the Sugar Bowl? You get two wide-open offenses clashing in Nawlins, while two historical football powerhouses battle it out in one of the most historic venues in sport, all the while giving me an excuse to go to LA. Out of the other three BCS games, Oklahoma/West Virginia actually looks interesting, while Virginia Tech will roll over Kansas. We’ll discuss the National Title Game (Snuff Film) at a later date. And as for last weeks number 1 team in the nation, those Mizzou Tigers? They’ll be slumming it in the Cotton Bowl with the Arkansas Razorbacks, and the look that will be on their faces when Darren McFadden comes barreling over, around, and through that ‘defense’? Priceless.

There is something to be said about the BCS: it gives us something to talk (read: complain) about each year around this time. Without it, how would we spend this stretch until Bowl Season is truly upon us? I bet Pat Forde’s head would explode if we ever do get to see a playoff system; that’ll be the newest pro-BCS argument, they’re sparing his life. This is all just idle talk anyway…

The BCS is still under contract until 2010.