Dec 18, 2007

Mid-Range Jumpers

I must interrupt your regularly scheduled blog with a special announcement...

In case you missed last nights The Sports Watchers radio show, the entire thing is available for easy listening at where you can hear me bemoan the current state of the Falcons future. I haven't heard it yet, so if I sound stupid, tell me so

...And now back to America's favorite long-running and rarely updated column format, the truly lost art of the Mid-Range Jumper!!

- The Mitchell Report has 'shockingly' outed Roger Clemens as a long time HGH and steroid user. Now, I don't really care about steroids in MLB anymore (attempting restraint) so I won't say any more (aw, to hell with it) I TOLD YOU SO!!!

- Sorry about that. Apparently A-Rod and his agent aren't talking; you ask me, Mr. Boras fell on the PR grenade for his client, a move that will pay off when he signs the next big thing in regards to the depth of his loyalty.

- The Suns handed the Spurs their first home loss last night, showing that Grant Hill really is a good fit for this team, having led Phoenix scorers with 22.

- Roy Williams was suspended today by the NFL for his horse collar tackle of Donovan F. McNabb, who might have saved his job by winning in Big D. Roy, if they make a rule to stop a tackle because you hurt someone with it, you might not want to keep doing it. Just my two cents.

- Florida State athletics is apparently embroiled in a cheating scandel that may touch many programs including (gasp) the football team. In other news, the sky is still blue.

- Dick Vitale will be undergoing vocal cord surgery. Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

- It doesn't matter who Tony Romo is or isn't dating come the playoffs: if they stumble down the stretch, and have to play at Green Bay, just go ahead and get ready for the battle of legendary seasons that will be Packers/Patriots.

- I am not cheering for the Terminators, but I have to admit this past Sunday was impressive. They basically shut up every talking head that said this team was the pre-Super Bowl winning Colts, because when they have to, they can be tough, physical and jam it down the other teams throats. Plus, the linebacking corps get to be paid less, as the balance of their game checks is covered in Social Security.

As we all wait anxiously for Bowl Season to begin December 20th, I for one am looking mostly forward to next season. Why am I so excited?

Knowshon Knows Football.

Great video of Moreno's performance against the evil Florida Gators. Hawaii doesn't stand a chance.

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