Dec 29, 2007

Quick Picks

Happy holidays from 60 degree Atlanta Georgia. While it is apparently good news that the NFL is simulcasting the game tonight between the Pats and the Giants on CBS and NBC, I have but one question for Roger Goodell:

What the hell, man?

I showed my undying appreciation and love for your product, the Shield, by becoming one of dozens (maybe) who paid the extra 8 dollars a month for the package that happened to include the NFL Network. I remember clearly looking at the schedule and thinking how the package would pay for itself just for this game. And now this. Needless to say, Roger, I am not pleased.
On to picks; home team in bold.

Terminators (-13) over Eli Manning

Yeah, the Pats might sit some players, focusing on the postseason over making history. And I might sprout wings and fly out this window. The latter is more likely.



Miami (-2.5) over Cincy

The Phins have something to prove to Parcells, namely that the entire team need not be fired. In that spirit, losing to the Dolphins may be the answer to the immortal question, "What does Marvin Lewis have to do to be fired?"

Buffalo (-8) over Philly

A young, up and coming team versus an underachieving team? Week 17? I bet Kolb gets some time, just to 'see what he can do'. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Tampa (-3) over Carolina

I'll be starting this weekend for the Panthers, as a winner of a radio call in contest. I'm so proud to be caller number 8!! Oh, and to be starting over David Carr.

Jacksonville (+6.5) over Houston

Vegas apparently thinks the Jags won't play their starters all game, but I contend that their seconds are at least 6.5 points within the injury ravaged Texans.

Seattle (pick) over Atlanta

At least I don't have to watch this game, which is a mortal lock to be blacked out in my area.

Nawlins (-1.5) over Chicago

Donovan McNabb, they're already drawing up the contract.

Cleveland (-12) over San Francisco

If the Browns win and Tennessee loses, the Browns are in the playoffs. Well, at least the Browns are going to win...

Detroit (+5) over Aaron Rodgers

Favre will start to maintain the streak, but with nothing at all to play for, look for a preview of the post-Favre Pack.

Minnesota (-3) over Denver

Adrian Peterson is allegedly taking a number of offensive teammates with him to the Pro Bowl. Mr. Jackson, you will not be making the trip. This year, or ever.

Washington (-9) over Dallas

One team fighting to make the playoffs, one team with nothing to play for.

Pittsburgh (-3) over Baltimore

This game was supposed to matter.

St. Louis (+6) over Arizona

No one cares. No one playing, no one watching.

Oakland (+9) over San Diego

See above.

Kansas City (+6) over NYJ

The 'Herm Edwards ruined our team' Bowl! Clemens!! Huard!!

Tenn (-5) over Indy

While Fantasy Football players everywhere activate Jim Sorgi, the Titans have to win to get in, against a team that has nothing to play for. Marvin Harrison is allegedly coming back though, so this could go either way.


Anonymous said...

thank you roger. i can watch tv at home and save on beverges

DPalm66 said...

Damn you anonymous...damn you Roger

DPalm66 said...

For what it's worth (nothing) you can confirm with MULTIPLE sources that I called the Eli meltdown that led to the loss.