Dec 20, 2007

Fantasy Fallout ...and PICKS!!!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the Sports Watchers radio show on Monday; I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the next time I’m on. NCAA Bowl Season starts tonight, with Utah playing Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl, while going head to head with Pittsburgh at St. Louis on NFL Network. Since I’m apparently one of 8 people in America who got this channel, looks like I have a decision to make.

Quick fantasy update before this weeks picks; apparently, the fantasy gods have a sense of humor.

Steve went on to tie Cheese in the first round of the playoffs with his cheater team, and because Cheese had accumulated more total points over the course of the season, he was awarded the win, and the honor of being vanquished by me in the finals. Below are some of the reactions I got to this story of sportsmanship gone bad, and I’m glad to see that most people are upstanding, honorable people. Except for you Steve.

“Just read the blog about the Laney League. Awesome. You are the man. Finish him.”

“Wow. Can he be considered an evil genius or a criminal mastermind? Has he reached that level yet?”
– Mike

“The story about your fantasy league is one of the most devious things i have ever heard. This could trump the Mitchell report as a bigger sports scandal. I’m sorry you have to go through that. Obviously sportsmanship isn't in the vocabulary of your ‘friend’.”

Not to mention this comment from an obviously upset Matt Barsamian.

“If you need any help (I doubt that you do) in hunting down any one of these "people" that have done their best to ruin what is the SPORT of fantasy football, you let me know and I'll be on the next flight.”

Rest easy my friend, good has triumphed,

Still, this was all worth it to see the tie score on Wednesday morning, and a tiny asterisk denoting the tie-break.

Now, picks. Keep in mind, I have proven to have no idea what I am talking about all season. That said, home teams are in bold.

St. Louis (-7.5) over Pittsburgh

Flip flopped a couple of times with this one; the Steelers lost a tough, physical game last week in bad conditions, and now they’re expected to thrive in a track meet setting against a healthier Stephen Jackson just four days later? Nahhhhhhh.

Dallas (-10.5) over Carolina

The last time the Panthers won at home, I was in high school. Couple their futility with the fact that Dallas has something to play for (home field) and no matter how bad that thumb hurts, Romo will pull through. Huh. Never thought I’d say that.

Jax (-13) over Oakland

Oakland is one of those quietly frisky teams in the AFC” – Some talking head. That may be true, but Jacksonville has been playing lights out, and that’s BEFORE their whole team got snubbed in the Pro Bowl.

Buffalo (+2.5) over NYGiants

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: snow falling, Christmas trees up, the annual Tom Coughlin collapse. Ah, winter.

Green Bay (-8.5) over Chicago

When is the last time that this game mattered? Seriously, it seems like if one of these teams is even DECENT, the other is awful. I need a secretary to look this kind of stuff up.

Cleveland (-3) over Cincy

Remember way back in week 2 when these teams combined to score 96 points, and it was such a huge upset that the Browns beat the Bengals? Well, now that the Bengals are trying to get Marvin Lewis fired (more on that later) and the Browns can legitimately win the AFC North, that really wasn’t much of an upset, huh?

KC (+4.5) over Detroit

The Meltdown in Motown continues. Hey, I could work for ESPN!!!

Saints (-3) over Philly

I don’t care how good the Eagles looked last Sunday; the Saints are 3 months away from a signed, sealed confession that Reggie Bush is just not an every down back. He’s a gimmick, like he was in college. Which I’ve been saying since his last year on the USC payroll. But, I digress…

Indy (-7) over Texans

The Colts have literally nothing to play for, as they are locked into the 2nd position in the AFC, so Houston could have a chance. But, Dungy saw what happened when he rested his players the year the Steelers won it all, so look to see Peyton in the 4th quarter these next two weeks.

Tampa (-6) over San Fran

Exactly one year after finishing in the cellar of the NFC South, the Bucs have locked up the division with two weeks left this year. In a division that sent exactly ZERO players to the Pro Bowl this year.

Atlanta (+10) over Arizona

Something’s gotta give. It just has to.

Seattle (pick) over Baltimore

Wait a second, there is no line because we don’t know if Kyle Boller is going to play? We’re really awaiting this news? In a game pitting a division winner against the team that stopped the Phins’ run towards ‘greatness’? Really?

Snitches (+8.5) over Tennessee

Listen very closely. Even when they win, the Titans do not blow people out. Do not ever forget that.

Terminators (-22) over Dolphins

Could have been historic. No nor’easter this week…so…



Washington (+6.5) over Minnesota

Todd Collins!!! Tavaris Jackson!!! The NFL Sunday Night on NBC!!!

Denver (-8.5) over San Diego

Not even Norv can screw this one up right?

Okay, things throughout the league are getting ridiculous; we’re in week 16, and no coach has been fired yet. Lovie Smith and Marvin Lewis don’t deserve to be on the hot seat? No one is calling for Scott Linehan or Cam Cameron’s heads? Brian Billick (loser of 8 straight) and Rod Marinelli (loser of 6 straight) aren’t packing bags??? What is going on here???

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