Dec 13, 2007

A Bad 48...and PICKS!

I guess, in response to this e-mail from the desk of one Matthew David Barsamian:

We're all dying to know if there is going to be any "blogging" done on your end with regards to the worst (read: best) day in the history of Atlanta sports? Maybe an exclusive one-on-one with Vick via webcam in the slammer? Audio of a phone call with Petrino from his new penthouse in Fayetteville? Personally I'm looking forward to you breaking the "Marty Schottenheimer isn't dead, he's the new coach of the Falcons" story.

I hate my friends.

What a rough 48 hours. I had been meaning to write sooner, but I was rendered catatonic as the Atlanta Falcons’ world threatened to collapse upon itself. As far as the Vick verdict goes, America, are we happy now? You’ve given a man 23 months in jail and 3 years of probation for killing some dogs? Congratulations. Anyone who knows me realizes what a dog person I am, but this is ridiculous. 1st time offender, no where near the scene of the operation, and agreeing to work with the feds. People are going to have opinions, but the fact remains in the end; he killed some dogs. He didn’t harm people, he didn’t threaten anyone, he engaged in an archaic and barbaric practice, and he’s losing three years of his life and career for it. Those of you who think that I am being not harsh enough, I must go back to my Leonard Little defense. The St. Louis Rams defensive end was sentenced to 90 days in jail after being found guilty of killing a woman while driving drunk. Someone made the counterpoint


Now, I get to switch form defense to offense; Bobby “Lil’ Nicky Saban” Petrino. This is the utmost form of cowardice; this man (and I use that term in only the most scientific of senses) sent the players who bought into his philosophies and ways of playing a 50 word letter as he was attending a late-night news conference in Fayettesville. Congrats Hogs, you got a turncoat quitter for your team. How can these kids of U of A respect him now? When he tells them to fight through the bad, to finish what you start? His credibility is shot forever.

Lawyer Malloy said it best when he scratched out Petrino’s name at the bottom of the letter that was sent ot all the players, and wrote in red ink: COWARD

Since Roger Clemens was one of the names named in today’s Mitchell Report, it was interesting to watch the MAWSM (middle-aged white sports media) backpedal in the face of evidence that one of the biggest obvious steroid users in the game. Their complaints about the report? The sources were ‘dubious’ at best, and there are no failed tests to back up the story. Where was this requirement of proof when Bonds was being crucified the last few years? They sure aren’t calling for astricks on Clemens’ stuff in the Hall, now are they?

Picks below, home teams in bold

Houston (-2.5) over Denver

Sage Rosefals!!

Cincy (-8) over San Fran

Shaun Hill!!

Tampa (-13.5) over Atlanta

Chris Redman!!

Seattle (-7.5) over Carolina

Vinny Testaverde!!

Pit (-3.5) over Jacksonville

Okay, these are two pretty good qbs.

Packers (-8.5) over Rams

Brock Berlin!!

B’More (-3.5) over Phins

Cleo Lemon!!

(-24.5) over Snitches

Doesn't matter...the Jets started all this nonsense.



With extreme prejudice.

Nawlins (-3.5) over 'Zona

Kurt Warner!!

Buffalo (+5.5) over Cleveland

Derek Anderson!! (I don't care how well he's playing, he's still Derek Anderson)

Tenn (-3.5) over KC

Damon Huard!!

Indy (-10) over Oak

Josh McCown!!

Dallas (-10) over Philly

Soon-to-be traded Donovan McNabb

Detroit (+10) over San Diego

Phillip Rivers!! (How bad as he looked this year?)

Giants (-4.5) over Washington

Todd Collins!!

Chicago (+10) over Minnesota

Tavaris Jackson!!


DNasty said...

Go Bruins.

DPalm66 said...

Atta boy, way to show support. BTW, the line for the Terminators this week could have been 30, with an over of 75, and I would still take both.

If gambling were legal, you know.