Dec 5, 2007

Hatton/Mayweather...and PICKS!!!

I want it to die. We all hate it when a legendary athlete holds on too long, or tries to recapture former glory. We cringed seeing Michael Jordan in Wizards blue, I die a little inside every time I watch film of ‘Nique on the Magic, and don’t get me started on Jerry Rice as a Seahawk. If we feel so strongly about our athletes, why don’t we let our sports go quietly into that good night?

Why won’t boxing just die?

Gone are the days of Sugar Ray, Jack Dempsey and Billy Conn. We are much departed from the years of Forman, Frazier, and Ali. No one in a ten-block radius can name the current heavy weight champion, and why would they be able to? Boxing isn’t relevant anymore, and, frankly, no one cares. Well, we wouldn’t. Except for…


Damn you HBO. Damn you for sticking by what worked in making people care about PBF vs. De La Hoya earlier this year. Damn you for tricking me into watching again, and again caring about a fight. Do I know who is going to win Mayweather vs. Hatton? No. But I do know that I have watched these guys train, live, and prep for over a month now, and I am actually interested in the outcome. I don’t know if I’ll spring the money to pay for the fight, but at least now I’m thinking about it. Well met, HBO.

Now for week 14 picks, with home teams in bold.

Chicago (+3) over Washington

After the AMAZING coaching of Joe Gibbs last week (back to back time outs to freeze the kicker, essentially handing Buffalo 15 yards, and an invitation to win the game) I can only assume he will be kicking to Devin Hester as much as possible in some sort of encore.

Jax (-10) over Carolina

I would say that next year will be better for the Panthers, but historically, the team that was last in the NFC South one year is the first the next. A weird trend, yes, but weirder still that the Falcons futility this year could keep Carolina from being any good next year either.

Dallas (-11.5) over Detroit

Free…duh-duh-duh…Free fallin’…I hate Tom Petty, and I hate this team.

Packers (-10) over Oakland

Favre is healthy and back and against a moderate weather team in Lambeau in December. Sounds like the makings of a blow out. Especially when a McCown brother will be intimately involved. Don’t let last week fool you!

San Diego (pick) over Tenn

How is there no line on this game? Is the Vince Young that just wins games back? Will LT driving this team propel me to win my fantasy league?

G-Men (+3) over Philly

I love the Illadelph. The week they finally fire the worst GM in the history of sports (Billy King - Isaiah is making a push, but he needs to be there longer, and destroy more), but they welcome to town the division rival who spanked them earlier this year. Hopefully that poor boy won’t be starting at left tackle again, or it could be another very long night.

Tampa (pick) over Houston

Another pick-em. Grrrrrrr. Well, I think that whoever is the back up in Tampa is better than his counterpart in Houston, but I’ve been wrong before. Like, most of the time. So I went with the road team, because, as we all know, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Buffalo (-7) over Miami

Chasing history…and gaining on it quickly. There are reports of dissention within the Dolphins locker room. Can anyone guess why?

Cincy (pick) over St. Louis

This is getting ridiculous. Looks like a fun match-up on paper, only because so many of these players are big fantasy guys. But, the Rams let Chris Redman throw the Falcons back into the game last week, so I don’t know how much faith I have in them. Expect a shootout, with Cincinattica pulling out the win.

Niners (+8.5) over Minnesota

I know, the Vikings looked like gang-busters last week, but I remain unconvinced by Jackson, and this one dimensional offense has to stop at some time. Well they are playing a team that has zero dimensional offense, so who knows.

Seattle (-7) over Arizona


Terminators (-10) over Steelers

Okay, two straight weeks of not covering spreads, and barely beating teams. One week of listening to how this is the squad to knock them off. Didn’t we say the same thing about the Cowboys?



Cleveland (-3) over the Snitches

The only hope the Jets have is if the team somehow gains superhuman powers before next week. I was kind of joking when I told my dad that the Pats shouldn’t even bring the punter next week, but on second thought, I think it would send the right message.

Denver (-6.5) over Kansas City

The triumphant return of Damon Huard. Wait…

Indy (-9.5) over Baltimore

Ravens fans, you’re looking at a big let down after that Pats game. Emotionally, performance wise, the whole nine.

Nawlins (pick) over Atlanta

How are we subjected to this after the great game we had last week? How is there no line? I would literally give 20 points if they were asking; this is my Stone Cold Stunner, Hollywood Hogan, running leg drop pick of the season. Which means the Falcons will most likely win. I hate myself.

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