Dec 5, 2007

Where were YOU???

Saw this on Simmons' article today, had to post it because it's so true. Picks and other stuff coming later today. His number 1 undeniable sports fact:

The most agonizing baseball moment since Bill Buckner's gaffe was Francisco Cabrera's series-winning single for Atlanta that killed Pittsburgh in the 1992 playoffs. Not only did the Pirates blow a ninth-inning lead, not only did Cabrera, a no-name, deliver the final blow, not only did comically slow Sid Bream somehow beat a Barry Bonds throw home, not only was it the Pirates' third straight October defeat ... but Bonds signed with the Giants a couple of months later, banishing the Pirates to small-market hell. They haven't been heard from since. The franchise was effectively murdered by one play.

It's funny because it's oh-so-true. And because I live in Atlanta. Not Pittsburgh.

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