Apr 2, 2009

My Apologies

I realize my diligence regarding this blog has been...lax as of late. I've been in a weird head space recently, doing a lot of reading and introspection, trying to better myself as a person, you know, growing up and stuff. And, I found, when dealing with the ultimate fixer upper (me), much of my brain is taken up and leaves no room for sports. However, now that I've stopped engaging in such futile activities as improving mysekf, I can now focus more on this here blog...so without further ado...


And what a time to come back! April baby! Final Four! Opening Day! Wrestlemania (kidding. Kind of.)! NBA Playoff push!

What a great tourny we got this year! The first weekend made me look like a genius, while the subsequent one made me look...well, like myself! Just like every year, my bracket is shot, but we've been left with some VERY interesting match ups in this Final Four. Is it picks you want?

UNC over Nova
I heard so much nonsense heading into last weekend about how if Hansborough played well, UNC would beat Oklahoma and Blake Griffin that I was tempted to Phil Leotardo myself under a car. Does anyone who has been watching any basketball over the last year actually think that this kid is the engine of that team? Ty Lawson's bouncing back from a toe injury and playing as well as he has makes him a lock for the Lottery come draft time, while that OTHER guy's ceiling is in the late thirties. If he wanted big money, he should have come out last year.

UConn over Michigan State
I was wrong. Way wrong. I thought UConn losing a top-flight swing player would matter. I thought Thabeet was too nice to truly lead this squad. I thought everyone would notice (and care about) just how dirty the last 10 years have been in Storrs have been. I thought that Jim Calhoun's deal with the devil was up in 2009. Look, you live and you learn. Going in, I had a real good feeling that this was the most flawed number 1 seed. But I tell you what I know now: there is no way a team plays a championship game essentially at home. The world doesn't work that way. Plus, I like screwing with Nufer.

As far as Opening Day goes...well, here comes the dog days of summer. Which means to me is NFL Draft, NFL players being idiots in the offseason, NBA Finals in June, the ESPYS (kidding again), minicamps, training camps, and college football is that much closer.

Quickie NBA Finals preview: Cavs over Lakers in 6. Book it now.

We're back here at OLASB, and better than ever. Get ready to get the sports, get the insight, and get the funny on a much more regular basis.

Get on board.

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