Jan 18, 2008


Ok. I don't know if my BPM has reached normal levels yet, but I'm going to try to post coherently. First things first...


Do all you can to avoid spoilers, stills, and bootlegs. This was not meant to be seen on your computer screen or even a very nice home theater system. This is the American Monster Movie we have always wanted, but done perfectly. Size and scope wise, you are terrified from the moment we have all seen in the trailer.

For the first time in years, you literally have no idea what is going to happen next in a movie. Not that they poured so much in, that it is overkill, but that you literally think that there is no way for things to get worse. And then they do.

Regarding the shaky camera people were worried about, the 1st person perspective does nothing to detract from the story. On the contrary, it actually adds a facet to the experience that is often missing from monster movies. This is Godzilla from the ground floor. On steroids.

The PG-13 rating was for, "Violence, Terror, and Disturbing Images."

Violence? Check

Terror? Check

Disturbing Images? CHECK

This is not Blair Witch 2.0...you see this Monster, in all it's glory, alot. You get a feel for just how awesome it is, and the destruction it is capable of from the jump. I can't write much more, mostly because there is too much adrenaline in my system, but also because I don't want to ruin any facet of the movie.

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