Jan 10, 2008

These are Facts...and Divisional Picks!

Roger Clemens is guilty as sin.

You release a taped conversation with your former trainer where he repeatedly offers to go to jail for you, and asks what you want him to do. Hmm...did another recently embattled star have his trainer sit in jail for him as opposed to ratting him out? Did aforementioned trainer receive a LARGE payment for his troubles? Is Clemens' trainer friend (whose name I have forgotten, and is unimportant) currently hurting for money? Is it suspicious how little the Rocket was saying, with the knowledge he was being taped?

Hmm indeed.

Oh, and to everyone who thinks that his impassioned defense was convincing, and definitive proof that he's innocent? Remember a certain someone else who's defiance was noteworthy and is now facing jail time? This should jog your memory.


The Big 10 is dead. Long live everyone else.

The SEC and Big 10 champions met in a game to decide the National Champion of College Football. Again. The Big 10 started fast, building a quick lead. Again. The SEC utilized superior speed/size/(insert thing that wins football games here) and dominated from that point forward. Again.

A four team playoff would be best for everyone, as (extremely biased) Georgia President Michael Adams pointed out this week. I wish he had done this last year, because now he just looks like a poor sport, but the fact remains that he has the backing of every major conference save two: The Pac-10 because of the devotion to the Rose Bowl, which does not share the other Fox television contract as the other BCS bowls, and the Big 10, because they can manage their schedule, have the least mediocre team emerge, and bully their way into the title game, boasting stats pumped up against less than quality opposition. Maybe LSU didn't have the statistically best defense in the game coming in, but OSU didn't play 9 bowl teams, and the Tigers did.


I will do more NBA stuff soon, I promise. But until then, I present to you the site I wish I made...


Yes, it's a real site, and yes, it does track Larry Hughes' shooting every night. If you're a Cavs fan, beware. If not, it's worth reading even if you just look at the loss to Atlanta last night (Wednesday).


Home teams are in bold.

Green Bay (-8) over Seattle

Their secondary isn't that good, Favre is WORLD's better than Todd Collins, who almost mounted a comeback in round 1, and Ryan Grant is playing like Ahman Green/Dorsey Levens in their prime. Aside from all the Hasselbeck jokes we've endured this week, this team just isn't ready to make the leap over a 13-3 squad that looks to do something special this post season.

Plus, Favre is 35% magic. Can't forget that.

Jacksonville (+13.5) over Terminators

Just to be clear, New England gets the win, just not nearly 2 touchdowns of the win. Call me nuts, but as long as the secondary for Jacksonville even remotely shows intrest in Randy Moss, they won't get blown out. It's really tough to blow out teams that rarely turn the ball over, have a dominant running attack, play solid defense, and don't get penalized often. I mean, if anyone can do it, it's the Terminators. I just don't think so.

Indy (-8.5) over San Diego

Wait a minute. What happened in Indy? Was there a chemical fire that cost Payton an eye? How is this line so low? Is there any chance the Colts don't win by 2 touchdowns?

Wait a minute. If betting were legal, I could 2-team tease Favre at Lambeau, and Manning and Dungy taking on Norv Turner at the RCA dome, hoping that both favorites win by more than a field goal? In the words of Rich Skrosky, it's like stealin', men.

Giants (+7.5) over Cowboys

I'm just about to pick Eli Manning on the road to lose by less than a touchdown (oh, you better believe he's gonna lose). I hate myself.

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