Jan 24, 2008

Roundball Time

With the (needless) 2-week layover until the Super Bowl, I'm left to catch up with my old sweetheart, the NBA. My quick thoughts on the season so far:

- LeBron James has turned me back into a believer. He is doing more with certain facets of the team doing their best to hold him back. His per game averages have been off the charts, and he is carrying the Cavs into contention.

- Eddie Jordan is the coach of the year, no matter what happens from here on out. Outpacing much of the improved east without the big star (Agent Zero)? Very impressive.

- The Celtics are VERY good; but recent stumbles have made me wonder if this team has another level to reach come playoff time. We'll see.

- Atlanta Hawks. Below the radar.

- Fear the Bugs. For now at least; look for Dallas and San Antonio to step up their game, come post All-Star Break.

- Bynum needs to hurry back, or the Lakers could see a major slide, since Kwame Brown is synonymous with BUST.

Ok, before I go, here are my picks for this February's NBA All-Star Game:


Starters: Kidd, Billups, James, Garnett, Howard


Starters: Paul, Bryant, Anthony, Duncan, Camby

Full All-Star break down tomorrow, following the starters announcement tonight.

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The Atlas Political Report said...

you blatantly ignore my boy I.A. For shame.