Jan 23, 2008

A Quick Bite

Oh, hi come one in. I didn't see you there. Don't mind me, I'm just finishing up this light snack prepared for me by my new friend, Eli Manning. Could you pass the salt?

I understand he got the recipe online somewhere. I told him I understood; not exactly like there are years of family recipes he can thumb through or anything.

I am sitting here on Wednesday still in shock over the outcome of the Giants-Packers game. It's not that hard to accept that Favre helped architect a Green Bay meltdown; this has been his modus operandi for the past few years. No, what is most shocking is that Tynes was able to miss those two VERY makable field goals in regulation, steel himself, and hit that 47 yarder to win the game. Point blank: I was very wrong about Eli Manning. He carried himself and his team to a win in wind chill -25 degree weather, and he didn't just manage the game; he was not Trent Dilfer '07, he was something totally different. He did everything his team needed to win, and still had to run around for a full 23 seconds after the winning field goal, before finding someone to hug (the punter).

Packers fans, I have nothing to offer. I cannot relate to this, because the only similar event I can remember was when the Birds punished the offensive record-breaking Vikings at home to go to the Super Bowl. Don't forget that your hero Favre is not the most culpable party in this loss. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Mike McCarthy.

Mike, haven't you known in the past that Bret Favre is a gunslinger who thinks his arm can cure cancer? Mike, did you not publicly request that Favre dial back this aspect of himself early in the year? Mike, was the most successful part of your offensive efforts in recent weeks the resurgance in the running game, a running game you turned to less than 15 times on Sunday? Mike, why are we not doubling Plaxico Burress after he tore apart Al Harris in the first half?

Lots of questions.

I'm not going to start Super Bowl Hype; I'll leave that up to the talking heads on ESPN 1-27. Besides, we've got more than 2 weeks until the game, so why start now?

Actually, we've got exactly THIS LONG.

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