Jan 18, 2008

AFC Title Game Preview

Chargers (+13.5) over Pats

The only thing standing between the Patriots and another Super Bowl invitation is Norv Turner, and a cast of injured stars including Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and LDT. This should be a walk in the park, easily covering the 13.5 point spread.

Not so fast my friend.

Since the Colts meltdown last week, I have had to re-evaluate some truths I had just accepted. Maybe Phil Rivers is a good quarterback. Maybe you don't need the NFL rushing leader to win a game in the RCA Dome. Maybe the San Diego defense really is that good.

But then again...

Maybe that pesky Manning choker gene reared it's ugly head again. Maybe Marvin Harrison had no business being on the field still injured. Maybe Tony Dungy had one foot out the door.

Maybe all these things are true, but I know that the team headed into Foxboro is not the same one that got whipped in week 2...their defense is much improved, they have come together as a team, and they appear ready to do the impossible.

That's the thing about the impossible though: It can't be done.

Patriots 31, Chargers 21

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