Jan 7, 2008

National Title Game...Yawn...

I can finally respond to this huge football weekend/day, because I don't have internet at my house until Wednesday (thank you Comcast)

Well, after about a month, it's finally here. LSU v. Ohio State. It's amazing really, that this team is being given a second chance after last year's debacle, but these are the breaks (break em up, break em up, break em up...). Anyway, expect to see the same as last year, blowout pt. 2. Position by position, the Buckeyes are just over matched and outclassed against a superior Tigers team.

Quarterback: Boekman has never thrown more than 30 passes in a game, while the duo of Perriloux and Flynn have been leaders to a fault for this team.

Running Back: Here's where everyone thinks OSU has an edge. But, I'll let you in on a little secret. No matter how good Beanie "Chris" Wells is, Jacob Hester is better. He may not be faster, but I defy you to show me one time an opposing player brought him down on his own.

Receivers/Fast People: HAHAHAHA...Early Docet and Trinton Holiday do NOT play for the Buckeyes.

O-Line: First real edge for OSU, having only given up 13 sacks this year. They didn't play anyone, but that's still impressive.

D-Line: A very healthy, very rested, very anxious Glenn Dorsey means LSU has the edge here.

Linebackers: The person taking all those post-season trips with Dorsey? Mr. Laurinaitis, that's who. While I still think that he is undersized, you cannot deny results.

DBs/Other Fast People: One team lost two starters for off the field infractions. The other has a man named Xenon trolling the defensive backfield. And, since the SEC doesn't follow NCAA behavior guidelines, the edge goes to the Tigers.

Final: LSU 31, OSU 17

Now if they meet again in the NCAA Basketball Title Game, I quit.

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