Oct 25, 2007

Hasta La Vista, Part 2

Pumping Iron Division
Lifting weights, trying to become a contender.

15. Houston
Sage Rosenfels is not the answer, but Schaub is trying to come back as soon as possible. Good too, because I have a sneaking suspicion that if they can get healthy, this might be a pretty good team. The AFC South has been a literal battleground all season, with all four teams checking in the top 15 of my power rankings.

14. Cleveland
Will someone in the NFC North please stand up as a great team? Occasionally, the Browns look like a football team. Usually though, they look like the Browns. Aside from their remaining divisional games, they have a fairly weak schedule down the stretch, and have a chance to be a decent team. Thought I probably have them ranked too high, since I never know what the hell I’m talking about (See 2007 NFL Predictions/Weekly Picks).

13. Tampa
Jeff Garcia cannot carry this show all alone. He has looked great thus far (133-189, 7 tds, 0 picks), but the injuries to this team leave them on the outside of the elites. No running back and a banged up offensive line? Tough stuff to overcome. Still might win the weird NFC South.

12. Ravens
Bad offense, stellar defense, great at home, so-so on the road. Sound familiar? Like every other Ravens team for 10 years? Well, there is a difference this year. The established starter is being outplayed by the back-up; McNair or Boller?

11. Chicago
HOPE THEY KICK TO DEVIN HESTER!!! Actual excerpt from the weekly Bears offensive scouting report. The running game has been underwhelming with Cedric Benson carrying the load all alone this year, and they needed a 97-yard, no timeouts, touchdown drive out of Brian Griese to win last week. Wouldn’t count on it every week, though.

10. Washington
Curious to see how the leagues top secondary is going to fare against the Pats prolific passing attack (This blog brought to you by alliteration-nation.com). Jason Campbell is progressing as an NFL quarterback nicely, but they are in a power division in the NFC. They would be walking away with the West.

True Lies Division
Looking like legit team, but really a pretender.

9. Jacksonville
Should probably fall MUCH further after the loss of David Garrard on Monday night. You could tell Quinn had no plans on playing that night. His tentative schedule was looking cool on the sideline with the blacked-out visor for the duration of the game, followed by trolling for girls in downtown Jacksonville, and maybe showing up for film the next day. He hadn’t planned on getting picked on by Bob Sanders and co. all night.

8. Chargers
Dateline: Week 4. LDT finishes up the post-game press conference in tears, admitting that he didn’t know what could be done to turn the season around. While this Bolts team will win the AFC West (big deal), they won’t make any noise in the postseason…again. At least this time, they can’t blame Marty.

7. Titans
Kerry Collins actually looked good in relief duty for the injured Vince Young; if the Madden Curse holds, he better stay lose. Keith Bullock is having a career year, the rushing attack has looked good and consistent, and the quarterback has found a way to lead his team without doing too much through the air. Definite potential to move up the list with their upcoming schedule.

6. Green Bay
Did you know that Bret Favre has thrown more touchdowns than anyone in history? Did ya? Did ya? Too bad he can’t rush for them, they’re only real shortcoming. Eventually, someone is going to shutdown the passing attack, and they’re done. Or Bret Favre will remember that he’s 65, and they’re done. One of the two.

Predator Division
In the hunt to be considered the best

5. Giants
I am so confused by this team. I was ready to write them off when Tiki threw Eli under the bus, but they’ve bounced back nicely. Maybe Tom Coughlin has been replaced by a robot that actually cares for his players, maybe Plaxico not practicing is the only way he’s any good, maybe the G-Men just rallied around Eli. Okay, the third one is a stretch. Have fun across the pond picking on the Phins. Hey, they send us washed up David Beckham, we send them a bottom tier Week 8 game. Fair is fair.

4. ‘Boys
Similar team to Green Bay, but with an actual viable running game. Their main problem has been on the other side of the ball, where Roy Williams continues his career of playing more like a linebacker than a safety, and getting picked on by opposing QBs. If there was a highlight reel at the end of every season of pass plays over 30 yards, what percentage of them would include Roy Williams? 40? 45?

3. Steelers
I’m not as shaken on Tomlin’s guys after the Sunday night game as many others were. It may have been a really bad loss, with poor play calling, but the defense is still good, the running game is still out of control, and the passing attack still is able to throw up 3 or 4 touchdowns a game.

Conan the Barbarian Division
A step away from becoming king...

2. Colts
Defending champs with a dominant running game, resurgent defense, one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and the best receiving corps in the NFL. What’s keeping them from number one? Sadly, it has nothing to do with them, because they have been lights out all season.

Terminator Division
C'mon, we all knew how this was going to end.

1. Patriots
They’re the Colts on steroids. That one thing that the Colts were missing to keep them out of number one that I mentioned? Belichick and his boys have been on a mission since the whole Camera-Gate thing, and have found a better way to send a message to the League than a mass email with the team giving the middle finger. They have resolved to remove any modicum of doubt in the ability of their team by beating the collective pants off of everyone they play. They could play a high school team, and would only pull Brady once he broke 300-yards and 5 touchdowns. They are sending a message. Hope everyone else has been paying attention.


Indy (-7) over Panthers
Cleveland (-3) over Rams
Chicago (-5) over Detroit
Giants (-9.5) over Miami
Oakland (+7.5) over Tennessee
Minnesota (-1) over Philly
Pitt (-3.5) over Cincy
Buffalo (+3) over Jets
San Diego (-9.5) over Houston
Tampa Bay (-4) over Jacksonville
Nawlins (-3) over San Fran
(-16.5) over Washington
Green Bay (+3) over Denver

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