Oct 12, 2007

Week 6 Picks

Apologies to my audience of thousands...hundreds...a few? OK, sorry mom and dad about the lateness of these picks. I decided to catch the flu this week, and in keeping with my life-theme of poor decisions, resolved to go ahead and visit NYC for Homecoming.

NBA season preview is coming, I promise, but here's the long and short of it: the more things change (trades, above pictured terrible new Hawks jerseys) the more they stay the same (West is still the best, Antoine Walker reported to camp last week out of shape). Home teams still in bold.

Philly (-3.5) over Jeresy B-Team

I can't name 3 players on the Jets defense, can you? Here are two teams that are better off playing on the road, since their fans seem to have turned on them before the mid-season point.

Tennessee (+3) over Tampa

All Vince Young does is win games. It isn't always pretty, it isn't always clean, but he always wins. Even when giving the Falcons 48 separate and distinct chances to win the game last week.

Houston (+6.5) over Jax

I'm sorry, but there's no way the Jags are more than a touchdown better than the Texans, right? Right?

St. Louis (-9) over Baltimore

This is a great game in the year 2000. A really great game. This is a weird game for me to pick, in that I still don't believe that Brian Billick knows how to cover a spread, but I also vowed never to pick the Rams this year. Decisions, decisions... For what its worth, I flip-flopped at least 10 times before deciding on this pick. There is no right answer because both teams have such strong cases to blow this. I'm going against the offense that has scored 1 touchdown in the last 10 quarters. I think.

Chicago (-5) over Minnesota

The Bears are back right? Such a dramatic come from behind victory HAS to mean they're back. At least, back enough to beat up the Vikings at home.

Fake Browns (-4.5) over The Fins

Just to clarify, the Trent Green Concussion Pool was originally a joke between me and two friends, and I suggested that Week 5 seemed to sound right. Now that it's happened, I'm kind of nervous to make any predictions regarding injury on anyone. This is a case of too much power, not nearly enough responsibility.

Packers (-3) over Washington

Did you know that Bret Favre is a warrior? Did ya?

Cincy (-3) over Chiefs

Marvin Lewis tends to do really well coming off of bye weeks. Especially against inferior teams that overpaid a running back and has only one viable offensive threat...DWAYNE BOWE.

Arizona (-4.5) over Vinny

Jake Delhomme - done. David Carr - didn't practice Wednesday. Vinny - starting qb for the Panthers, who have played fewer games as a franchise than Vinny has in the NFL for his career. Aaron Brooks is on line one.

Oakland (+9.5) over San Diego

I never thought I would see a coaching match-up where the 13 year old is the clear favorite, but I forgot he had to play Norv. I'm sorry, but watching San Diego picking on a bad Denver team just isn't convincing.

New England Terminators (-5.5) over Dallas

Film. This. Not the game, but that is the message that Belichick and boys seem to be sending to the league, nay, the world. The best part of me coming back to NY is picking up the Post, to look at the lines on the games, and seeing that the New York Media has decided to put an asterisk next the the Pats in the standings.

Seattle (-6.5) over America's former favorite story

Shouldn't the NFL be allowed to switch this and the Dallas game? Doesn't that just seem fair to everyone? The Saints are eventually going to win a game. This isn't that game.

Jersey A-Team (-3.5) over Falcons

Oh, good. The Birds are on MNF, where we can be embarassed nationally. Awesome. We honestly haven't looked that bad throughout our first few games, but we always seem to find a way to blow a winnable game (see: Titans game). Maybe Joey will stay at home and let Joe show up again. I can dream right.

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