Oct 15, 2007

Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Well, I did it. I survived my first Homecoming as an alumni, and apperntly with sound mind and body. At least, I am breathing and able to move. I think I may have permemantly wounded my soul though. It was good to visit NY again and see all my friends, and I have attempted to jot down some thank yous, so that while the effects of this weekend fade, the memories will not.

Thank you Todd and Ward for letting me keep my stuff in your apartment. Thank you Brekke for dragging me to Nike Town, and making us miss practice. Thank you Snake for the open bar, and thank you SeeBass for getting me thrown out for wearing the wrong shoes. Thank you Smorz for taking us to see an awesome funk band. Thank you Timmy for the funniest cab ride ever (Cash Cab/Abraham). Thank you Jake for being great. Thank you Scotty/Jens for buying meat, and forgetting the grill, and thank you Snake for letting us run out of beer before kick off. Thank you Rettke for the greatest shirts ever. Thank you ZBT for nothing. Thank you Bars for cutting your face open, and thank you Mr. Barsamian for the Mission Impossible run. Thank you Uzo for refusing to accept defeat. Thank you B for looking way up. Thank you Magazu for running up the stairs. Thank y0u Adrian for wearing the Varsity C sweater. Thank you Nu-Nu, Gamer, Schmidt, and SeeBass for 4th Quarter. Thank you Foz, cause I Got Got. Thank you Big Buck Hunter for the greatest game ever.

Thanks to everyone who accomodated the New York Nomad during his world tour.

Thank you Cannon's for everything.

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