Oct 18, 2007

Week 7 Picks

Fantasy football has ruined the NFL for me. Since the Chargers are on a bye, LDT is on a bye, and I have to depend on Najeh Davenport and LenDale White to carry my running backs this weekend, and continue my 5 game winning streak. I’m cheering for so many different things this weekend, I’ve lost all track. I hate that I am ‘supposed to win according to the preview, I hate that I have to actively cheer for the Seahawks defense, and I hate that I’m actually writing about something that only matters to like 9 other people, the members of my league. Home team, as always, in bold.

Houston (+1.5) over Tennessee

Someone get Kerry Collins a drink. Seriously, is there any doubt about the Madden Curse at this point? This isn’t even a theory anymore, but a recordable, verifiable fact. Eddie George, Dante Culpepper, Marshall Faulk, Mike Vick, Ray Lewis, Donovan McNabb, Shaun Alexander. Sweet God, why would anyone agree to be on this cover at this point?

Baltimore (-3) over Buffalo

Once is an occurance, twice is a pattern. C’mon Billick, give me two covered spreads in two weeks! Display that offensive genius! Its only three points, do the good thing.

Dallas (-9.5) over Minnesota

We’ve spent all week hearing about how good Adrian Peterson is, and for good reason. The kid is a freak. But, it’s hard to run a whole lot down two touchdowns, and its hard to come back when Tavaris Jackson is an integral part in your vertical passing attack.

Tampa (+2) over Detroit

How is Jeff Garcia still flying under the radar? He carried the Eagles to the playoffs last year, and he has saved Gruden’s job in Tampa. And he’s getting 2 points against maybe the worst secondary on any level of football?

Washington (-8.5) over Arizona

Tim Rattay is terrible. Jason Campbell isn’t a world beater, but the team around him is WAY more than 8.5 points better than the Cardinals.

New Jersey A (-9) over Niners

I hate the Giants. They’re playing a bad team at home, and they’re coming off of blowing out the Falcons on Monday night, and I don’t feel comfortable picking them here. Is there something wrong with me, or with them?

Atlanta (+8) over The Ain'ts

I really don’t even care anymore, but Byron Leftwich is starting for the Birds on Sunday. Maybe he throws 4 touchdowns, maybe he throws 6 picks, maybe Bobby Petrino’s head explodes: Your 2007 Atlanta Falcons, anything can happen. I can only pray we still have the team heading into the bye week, and that we just don’t dissolve this debacle.

New England Terminators (-16.5) over Miami

Cleo Lemon. Terminated.

Kansas City (+2.5) over Oakland

I forgot how bad Oakland can look at times. Good thing last week reminded me.

Cincy (-6.5) over New Jersey B-Team

The Jets defense is laughable, and the Bungals need to win. Even Norv Turner couldn’t blow this. (Had to sneak in a Turner shot, since the Bolts have a bye. Love ya Norv!)

Chicago (+5.5) over Philly

DO NOT KICK TO DEVIN HESTER. How hard is that? Bears lose, but only by a field goal.

Seattle (-8) over Rams

St. Louis: Legimate threat to finish 0-16… Scott Linehan: Legitimate threat to replace Art Shell as the poster boy for Coaches in Carbonite.

Pittsburgh (-3.5) over Denver

The people of Colorado have used the Rockies to forget about the Broncos. A sentence I never thought I’d write. Why is this line so low? Haven’t the Broncos proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they’re terrible? What do they need to do at this point?

Indy (-3) over Jacksonville

Ok, so I have been wrong about the Jags. The first two weeks they looked really bad, but since then, they’ve looked really very good. Not as good as the 5-0 defending World Champs, but good none the less.

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