Sep 25, 2007

Miss Me Yet???


Matthew David Barsamian…I salute you. Not only your ability to demonstrate your e-passion through ‘selective’ use of the caps lock button, but also on your ability to read a blog, forget what you have read, and send an angry email to me. I picked the Pack to cover, since I wasn’t convinced that the Super Chargers would be able to answer the call in Green Bay. And, for once, I was right. I expect an immediate and public apology. My phone is on.

Once upon a time, certain of my blog posts were posted at another website called and among the postings were my week 3 picks where, you may recall, I whined about the outcomes of my week 2 picks. Upon the picks being posted, I received a call from my oh-so-helpful The Sports Watchers editor, requesting that I make my record available for the readers, so they can see just how right (wrong) I am.

I told him to count it himself, and hung up the phone.

But, since week 3 went markedly better for me, I have compiled my results to date, seeing how I did with the spread on the day of the picks. Remember, I didn’t pick week 1, since it is nothing more than a glorified preseason game. And I forgot to pick.

Week 3: 9-4-3

To date: 15-13-4

Yeah, some remedial math will let you know just how bad week 2 was.

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