Apr 15, 2008

We Made the Playoffs...

But Simmons still got me. He went ahead and ranked the MVPs from 450th - 48th, and graced celebrating Hawks fans with this:

166th Most Valuable Player - Marvin Williams

The whole "Atlanta could have taken Chris Paul!" thing has officially become awkward. I can't even make eye contact with Hawks fans anymore.

(OK, I don't know any Hawks fans. And neither do you. But if we DID know any Hawks fans, we'd have trouble making eye contact with them. You have to admit.)

Damn him. I guarantee that there will more updates soon. Not guarantee, but hope. Well, think. See you later.

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Chris said...

Almost gaged when I saw this on my google reader

Play Like a Champion
The Atlanta Hawks' playoffs bid proves experience isn't the only key to success. Learn how to find your edge just like the NBA's young guns