Apr 26, 2008

Christmas In April

Wow, the NFL draft. And my allegiance as a Falcons fan on the line. I know, I'm against sports turncoats as much as the next man, but I feel like I have been wronged repeatedly by the Atlanta Falcons, and if they continue the trend, I will walk away today.

2:58: Oh my God, oh my God, what is Keyshawn wearing, oh my God.

3:00: And, we're off. Apparently with a 'new streamlined presentation of the Draft. We'll see.

3:03: Some are telling me that Jake Long was selected by the Dolphins earlier this week. Tuesday, in fact. Why did no one tell me this; you would think it was covered SOMEWHERE before now...

3:12: YES!!! Great move by the Rams. Taking a good college player who will be a mediocre NFL player. Mostly, they didn't take Dorsey!!! Look, Long was very good in the highlights shown against UNC and Maryland, but how many of those kids he played are ever going to play on Sundays? Unless the AFL plays on Sundays. I don't know, I haven't done the appropriate legwork.

3:15: Great Falcons this past year recap package. Ugh.

3:19: And, I'm out. Look, Glenn Dorsey comes in and makes your team better right now, and wins you games. Matt Ryan is more than 2 years away from playing, let alone from being an impact player. Mel Kiper JUST SAID he has poor arm strength, and played from behind alot. You get behind because your quarterback didn't lead the team early. Steve Young just said he doesn't know much about he game. What is the difference between him now, or Brian Brohm later? I hate this.

Titans fans, make room for one more.

3:23: So, first time two ACC players taken in the first three. And we all know what a football powerhouse the ACC is. Yikes.

3:29: Glad to see the rumor mill didn't keep Darren McFadden on the board a long time. I'm too shocked to tell jokes right now. I wonder how long the drive is to Nashville for home games.

3:36: Okay, I'm feeling a little better. Great (easy) decision by the Chiefs, getting a legitimate playmaker. Best player in the draft. Funny Daniel will be back after I figure out the drive to Nashville.

3:40: Approximately 4 hours.

3:45: Gholston continues the tradition of NYJ futility. You can't coach playing hard, and he doesn't do that. Plus, he was 'quicker' than the rest of the mediocre Big 10, but didn't look so fast against LSU. Hmmmmmm...

3:52: "Last year's No. 7 was Adrian Peterson, who cost the Vikings $17 million in guaranteed money. This year it will likely be $18 mil. Since the Pats wouldn't pay Asante Samuel $20 mil, it doesn't seem very Piolichickian that they'd pay that much to an unknown commodity. " -- barstoolsports.com, 4/22/08

3:54: And the Aint's take a good DT at 7. And Jacksonville moves up to take...who exactly?

4:03: Anyone who takes a Florida guy off of that team is alright with me. Jacksonville, atta boys!

4:09: I joke alot about USC, and how they play an inferior style of football, but they have been pumping out good defensive players recently like whoa. Like the pick for the Bungals...I wonder what they are going to get out of Chad Johnson this year. And by out of, I mean what can they get for him in the open market.

4:14: I trust the hell out of Belichick, but wow. I would have thought he would shore up the secondary... but I trust him.

4:17: Damn, this draft is MOVING. This time last year we were on pick 7, and we just made the 11th pick. Atta boy Goodall.

4:20: And with the 12th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Broncos take Kenny Bailey, to play alongside his cousins Boss and Champ. He may have lost the naming lottery, but at least the Broncos got 'em all!

4:26: God hates the Matt Ryan pick too, as an 80 degree day just transformed into liquid Armageddon with a single thunderclap.

4:28: Panthers are jumping on the 'running back by committee' bandwagon, picking up Jonathan Stewart. Ew.

4:35: First Grossman, and now Bears have to deal with watching a Vanderbilt tackle try to protect him. They would have been better off drafting an actual Grizzly Bear. Named Ditka.

4:42: Ooh, ooh, Matt Millen is on the clock! Yay!

4:43: Traded pick? I've been robbed of the comedy of a Millen pick? This is my least favorite draft ever.

4:57: Well, Millen bounced back! Nufer, you think he was just looking for the goofiest name left in the draft?

5:03: Joe Flacco can make all the NFL throws...much unlike the new quarterback for the Falcons, who apparently has 'it'.

5:11: Very trade heavy 1st round...and very OT heavy. Is OT this year's DE?

5:20: For the first time ever, the word 'Kansas' is uttered regarding the 1st round of the NFL draft.

5:30: Kiper says this is where you see a lot of reaches in the draft. And the Falcons just moved up to take a less than decent offensive tackle. R-E-A-C-H.

5:39: Jerry Jones got his Arkansas running back, and ANOTHER running back controversy, just after they got rid of Julius Jones.

5:41: I'll bet the farm that the Steelers take the running back from Illinois...why do they show the kid on the phone, cheesing his face off before they announce the pick. Takes all the drama out of it.

5:43: I am Nostradamus.

5:48: Are the ESPN analysts drunk today? The only person making sense today is *gulp* Keyshawn Johnson.

5:50: My first pick with my new team: I'm so nervous. And we blew it. Chris Johnson is a good back, but when are we putting some weapons around Vince on the perimeter. Maybe Johnson can be the Bush to LenDale's LenDale on the Titans. Uh oh, Mel Kiper just said Thunder and Lightning. They're doomed. I mean we. We're doomed.

6:07: More O-Linemen going off the board...I wrote the following about Defensive Ends last year, and it applies to the O-Linemen in this draft: Either a lot of elite talent at the position this year, or a bunch of combine heroes who will end up underachieving. Which is really more likely?

6:13: Since I haven't done this yet...who is going to take a flier on a washed up running back late of Seattle? Does anyone really think Alexander has a future in this league any more? Not me. RIP 37.

6:18: A whole bunch of USC players being taken...but no offensive players. Weird.

6:22: Just wanted to say a big thumbs up to the NFL. Last year's first round went from 12 pm EST until 5:45. We're clocking in today at potentially under the 4 hour mark. Good for you NFL.

6:29: Good pick by the Jokes, I mean the Jets. He was a standout tight end all year, and he'll be a Dallas Clark type player in the League.

6:35: The Giants are in...and the 1st round of the NFL Draft is over in under 4 hours!!! Wow. Plus, the Champs made a great pick of Kenny Phillips from Miami to try to help continue securing Tom Coughlin's job.

Been an okay day. Beer + Wings = pretty good Saturday. Even got a new team to cheer for.

A little wary of joining a team that so resembles the Falcons from 3 years ago though: an exciting black quarterback, a dominant running game, and a strong defense. I just hope Vince doesn't have property in VA.

Have a great weekend all, I'm OUT!


The Atlas Political Report said...

you are NostraDumbAss

DPalm66 said...

You're just mad that the Eagles don't have any 1st round picks, and I couldn't make any jokes about Andy Reid's kids, Too soon?

Jonathan said...

Matt Ryan = 2nd coming of Brett Favre...

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna be live blogging when Quarterback Hormann gets drafted today?

Nuf said...

New team Titans?! Try Rod and his crew in DTown; Stanton, Cheerios, and Kevin "not quite Barry" Smith on offense, and Dizon, Hawaii 5-0, and a revamped secondary on D... playoffs here we come!!!

DPalm66 said...

1. Congrats to Quarterback Hormann on being signed by the Cleveland Browns.

2. Who gave Vinny this URL?

3. http://dpalm66.blogspot.com/2008/02/this-just-in.html

Nuf, my rubric for picking a new team The Lions are so wrong for me it hurts.

Nuf said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Pats got the defensive rookie of the year (although if Mayo was truly #4 overall on Millen's board...), and the offensive ROY will be carrying the load for either Carolina or Detroit.

All I know is that I feel A LOT better about the direction of my team after seeing three guys who we coveted (and who were supposed to be "reaches" at 15 according to all the "experts") picked way before us by good organizations (Mayo, Harvey, Stewart); if Millen and Belichik are on the same page, SOMETHING has changed. I wasn't sold on Gosder Cherilus (Joe's-der Share-uh-liss, apparently) immediately but with the Smith pick at the top of third, I feel good now. And the restraint that Millen showed TWICE with Mendenhall on the board was astounding; that's twice in three years now he's passed on the big name for the need (Sims over Leinart two years ago).

Great timing getting away from the Falcons; they drafted two third rounders in the first, in my opinion. Johnson seems like a weird pick for the Titans though. I would've thought someone like Kevin Smith would've been a much better fit for a bruising, move-the-chains type of offense. Must've really wanted that explosiveness in the return game back that they lost when Pac Man went nuts.