Apr 24, 2008

Looking Back: 2007 NFL Draft

As I get prepared for the best day of the year (that has inexplicably been pushed back to 3 pm), I decided to post my draft diary of the 2007 Draft, to get me even more excited for this year.

And by more excited, I mean more terrified about what the Falcons are going to do to me this year.

12:00: And, we’re off…

12:10: Does anyone else think that the Raiders coach should grow some facial hair to demand some respect? If he starts now, he should probably have a decent five o’clock shadow by 2008.

12:20: For those keeping score at home, JaMarcus Russell’s career is now in the capable hands of the Raiders newly named quarterbacks coach, John DiFillipo, late of Columbia University. Expected competition for the starting job will include Josh Booty, of LSU fame, and Jeff Otis of Columbia…well…

12:30: Ron Jaworski thinks that the Lions are should take a quarterback…shocking.

12:32: Lions took Calvin Johnson. Glad to see common sense overcoming fear. 6’5”, 240 lbs, 4.35 40 in borrowed spikes? Yes, please.

12:37: Congratulations Brady Quinn, you are this year’s Matt Leinart, destined to be awkwardly seen waiting to be drafted. You may now fornicate with Paris Hilton, may God have mercy on your soul.

12:40: Great shot of Joe Thomas fishing as opposed to coming to New York…I really hope he becomes a Viking all of a sudden.

12:43: Ah, to dream. Nice pick by the ‘Browns’, not only to shore up a bad O Line, but also to continue to make Quinn feel awkward. (The reason ‘Browns’ is in quotes is because the real Browns are the Ravens. The team playing in Cleveland now is an expansion team that just happens to be called the ‘Browns’. But I digress.)

12:48: Tampa Bay, still on the clock. Between all the build-up, and draft specials, wouldn’t it just be responsible to have every possible eventuality mapped out, and have your pick ready? Sometimes, NFL GMs cannot be affected by what most of us would see as common sense.

12:55: Can’t argue with Gaines pick at 4, just glad they didn’t draft Quinn, only to trade him to the Lions for Johnson. No matter how much sense it would have made, I would have hated to see Calvin Johnson play the Falcons twice a year. Tremendous upside on that kid. Just ask Mel Kiper.

1:10: Very ‘meh’ pick of Levi Jones by the Cardinals, no shock, no surprise.

1:22: I wanted LaRon Landry to be a Falcon so bad…Didn’t talk about it as not to jinx it, for all the good that did.

1:28: Good for Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. Peterson goes to a team headed in the right direction, and the Vikings get a player with little nautical expertise.

1:39: Okay, I’m not going to have a heart attack, we needed defensive help, especially since Kerney left. Still, Petrino is changing the whole blocking scheme…maybe we should have picked up a lineman along the way! Maybe I spoke too soon about that heart attack. At least we have another J. Anderson on roster. Dirty bird indeed.

1:53: Ted Ginn Jr. is how I spell stretch, how about you? I’m just glad that Brady Quinn’s girlfriend is openly pouting, while she imagines her house getting smaller and smaller.

2:07: Okoye. One of the youngest players drafted ever. 19 years old. 6’3”, 305. WHAT?

2:11: Unless all of a sudden Buffalo is displeased with Losman, Quinn may fall back to the Lions in the second round.

2:19: I would love to shake the hand of the man who is in charge of drafting for the 49ers. That’s four straight strong first round draft picks. Attention NFL GMs: sometimes common sense just works.

2:26: Marshawn Lynch looked really good in those highlights, turning the corner, making good cuts, against Pac-10 defenses. Let’s see what he can do against elite speed. Then again, I said the same thing about Reggie Bush. But he’s no Reggie Bush (see Cal v. Tennessee, 2006).

2:30: Great point I overlooked; if Okoye is so good, why did his ex-coach Petrino pass on him?

2:40: Here’s to Brady Quinn falling all the way back to the Raiders, to be picked as Russell’s back-up.

2:45: What’s the over/under on the pick where Quinn’s girlfriend gets up and leaves his ass at the table? 20? An Aaron Rogers-esque 24? How low will she go?

2:55: Poor Jets fans. Picking up a Big East cornerback. He did manage to run back 2 punts against the elite speed of teams like Rutgers. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

3:03: Mr. Quinn, Mr. Quinn, this is the Sugar Bowl…again. We still need you to gather your shattered hopes and dreams off of our field; we would like to start preparing for next season. Please stop avoiding our calls.

3:14: It’s official: teams would rather take a chance on a player (Justin Harrell) who missed all of last season (torn biceps) than take a chance on Brady Quinn.

3:19: No more MLS commercials during the NFL draft. That is all.

3:26: Great pick-up by the Broncos, who have developed into a defensive powerhouse, perfect for the maturation process of Jay Cutler. Always a good decision to draft a ‘too quick’ DE who was one of the principal reasons The Ohio State University looked so pedestrian in January.

3:38: I bet the Titans don’t take a quarterback. Or the Giants, or Jacksonville, or Dallas…well, you get the picture.

3:50: Would have rather seen Titans pick up a receiver; give Vince some weapons. Oh well, guess they believe in the Madden curse even if he doesn’t.

3:58: Back-to-back Texas DBs taken…I guess winning still matters to someone in the League.

4:07: Nelson taken by JAX…that’s 4 players out of 21 who have won national titles in the last two years…these things might matter.

4:17: The ‘Browns’ have traded picks with the Cowboys, to acquire Brady Quinn. He had taken his coat off, and it looked like he had resigned himself to a long day, only to be as shocked as the rest of us. Giving up a second rounder and next year’s first rounder, huh? Really?

4:30: Dwayne Bowe. Remember the name. Trust me, no matter who’s at QB next year for the Chiefs, remember it.

4:50: “This will be a draft where character matters above all else.” The New England Patriots, with the 24th pick, select Brandon “I stomp people out with my cleats” Merriweather from the University of Miami. God bless America.

5:04: Dallas trades with Philadelphia to acquire Robert Meachem? They’d better, because Dwayne Jarrett is a poor man’s Keyshawn – attitude problems and all.

5:09: And as opposed to taking WR to spread the field opposite TO, the ‘Boys pick up the fifth DE of the first round. Either a lot of elite talent at the position this year, or a bunch of combine heroes who will end up underachieving. Which is really more likely?

5:24: The NFC South just got tougher, with the team formally known as the Ain’ts picking up Robert Meachem. Thanks for nothing, Dallas.

5:32: Now, Belichik is stockpiling late picks through trades. Kill me now.

5:45: Longest. First. Round. Ever. I’m tired, I’m angry Quinn got drafted, and I’m out.

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