Mar 25, 2008

I Was Right!!!

Well, kind of. Last week, I talked about how the Iowa Hawkeyes were poised to capture a national title. And lo and behold, they did it. Now, this matters to wrestlers only, but maybe this is the turning of the corner for me, maybe I can start being right about things.


There must be some sort of trade off, since my NCAA Basketball brackets look like a minefield. I've got 9 of the 16 teams right, but only 3 of my Final Four left. This weekend was great fun to watch, proving once again that the top of the College basketball world is getting ever thinner, as there were few dominating, world beating performances all weekend. Except for Stephen Curry, son of Del, and UCLA in round 1, which wasn't even fair.

The womens tourny started this past weekend, too. I have my vices, but if you are filling out a NCAA Women's tournament bracket, get help.

The Assocaiation has been heating up down the stretch, as we cap off the best regular season in 15 years with the most intense push for the playoffs in just as long. With a legitimate 9 teams out West vying for the 8 spots, every game carries significant weight in eventual seeding. Even in the (still mostly) Leastern Conference, there are 4 teams angling for the final spot in the playoffs, and an opportunity to get dusted by the Celtics.

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