Mar 19, 2008

Double The Madness

Warning: The first half of this post will deal with NCAA Wrestling. If you feel like you will be bored by this topic, skip down past the line break.

"So dissatisfied with your picks...Plus, you're a wrestler and NOTHING about NCAA this weekend." -- Chad Olberding, via text message, 11:45 pm EST March 18, 2008

After I got done mocking Olberding's recently retired hero (4), I had to concede that he was right: my picks this year have been awful. And, I guess, I did need to address the sport that, for better or worse, made me the man I am today. I owe alot to my time on the mat, and the least I can do is offer a (however brief) look at the NCAA Tournament, happening this weekend in St. Louis.

I can easily tell why my old coach want my thoughts on the tourney: his favorite team Iowa looks poised to start collecting National Titles again, as they send 9 of their 10 wrestlers into this weekends action looking to capture All-American status and National Titles. Identified as historically THE wrestling school in America, they look to add to the 20 banners hanging in the rafters already.

But the road will not be easy.

Boise State, Central Michigan, Minnesota and Northern Iowa also qualified nine competitors, while Edinboro and Iowa State will each be sending all 10 to the big dance this weekend. Also, keep a look out for Lions in the tourny, as seniors Anthony Constantino, and Brandon Kinney, along with first-year heavyweight Ryan Flores will be representing Columbia in St. Louis.

Full brackets here.

Happy O?


I'm proud to bring to you the first annual Oh Look, A Sports Blog bracket challenge. All you need to do is email me at and I will organize you an invitation to join the OLASB challenge group. As I state in the invite, the only prize right now is bragging rights, but the more entrants, the more I might want to attach a different prize. Not better, because what's better than bragging rights, but still.

I do this only to crush all opposition, so realize that as soon as you sign're playing for second.

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