Mar 4, 2008

And in the NFL...

Free agency has somehow forced me to question my dedication to adopting a new NFL team; I like the tandem of Norwood/Turner, and I like the chances of someone overpaying for D'Angelo Hall, no matter what a certain friend of mine thinks of his potential as a player. That said, I reserve the right to abandon the Falcons after this April's draft, and adopt one of the following teams:

1) Titans - Biggs gives a stirring case in the comments of that post as to why I should adopt the former, they are originally from Houston, just like me. Coincidence?

2) Bucs - Meet all criteria, but staying within the division seems a bit shifty, even for someone willing to dump his home town team

3) (tie) Raiders/Packers - Just kidding Jake. Bye bye Bret Favre.

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