Nov 15, 2007

Week 11 Picks

Well, I was wrong about a lot of things, which comes as no surprise to anyone that knows me. I was wrong that the Saints weren’t going to turn on me last week. I was wrong that the porous run defense of the Broncos would lead to a win in Kansas City. I was wrong that the Browns aren’t that good yet. I was wrong that Arizona is dead in the water. I was right that the Monday Night Game was terrible, and I was right to get NBA season pass so I could watch Denver vs. Cleveland. Home teams still in bold.

Minnesota (-5) over Oakland

No Adrian Peterson, no Josh McCown, no problem in this game. In the Metrodome, Dante will be inspired to show his improvement to the team that gave up on him. Too bad he has nothing around him to help show anything. That’s right: Tavaris Jackson over Dante Culpepper.

Miami (+10) over Philly
Still not sure about the McNabb resurgence, but I do know that Miami tried to play hard last week. Their defense is old, and the Phins always play badly in cold weather, but they gotta cover. Ricky Williams is back!

San Diego (+2.5) over Jacksonville

David Garrard is coming back…and it still won’t matter. San Diego is (sadly) in the driver’s seat of a bad division, and it isn’t because of all the offensive weapons: the emergence of the defense has been startling. Whenever the next package comes in for Merriman (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), the front seven might keep up with the awakened secondary.

New Browns (-3) over Really Old Browns

Picking on old people is never nice, but when they bring it on themselves so often by running off at the mouth, sometimes you’ve got to pick up their walker, kick out a hip, and bludgeon the elderly into a coma. This is one of those times. Quick question: Ozzie Newsome has been regarded as the top exec in the game, but he let this defense get old SO FAST, without bringing in any pieces to replace them.

Nawlins (-1) over Houston

The wheels are off the Saints again, but I think they’ve got enough to beat the Texans. What? You really want more insight into the Saints and the Texans? Too bad.

Atlanta (+3) over Tampa

Two straight wins, two straight covers. Root, root, root for the home team…What a deluge of awful games this week.

Arizona (+3) over Cincy

Just another terrible game. I still can’t believe how thoroughly the Cardinals blasted the Lions last week, but this Cincy team had to settle for a record 7 field goals against the OLD Baltimore defense. I think this D is better than the Ravens.

NYG (+3) over Detroit

Two 6-2 teams that are going to the playoffs. But, one of these teams are good, one is not so good. Here’s a hint: the better team is favored.

Green Bay (-9.5) over Carolina

This makes no sense what so ever. Wasn’t it two years ago we were claiming that Favre was done, that the Aaron Rogers era needed to start in cheese land? And now I'm scared to pick against them? What the hell has happened? Ugh.

Kansas City (+14.5) over Indy

Tony Dungy will not lose 3 in a row. Even if Freeney is out for the season. Even if Clark isn’t playing. Even if Harrison isn’t playing. Uh oh. At least they’re in the dome?

Pittsburgh (-9.5) over New Jersey Snitches

The football gods hate snitches.

St. Louis (-3) over San Fran

The Niners are terrible, worse than I ever thought possible. St. Louis finally won a game, and might have remembered how to win. We’ll see. That Niners game was the worst thing I have ever seen in NFL football.

Seattle (-6) over Chicago

See my second bullet point from this week’s jumpers.

Washington (+10.5) over Dallas

Dallas is the class of the NFC, except for the magical Packers from Green Bay. Washington is struggling to stay relevant in the playoff picture, and if they lost and Philly wins, we could see a late McNabb push to the playoffs. Just kidding, but this defense is good enough to keep it close.

Terminators (-16) over Buffalo

Wait a minute, no Lynch? J.P. Losman? Buffalo. Terminated.

Tennessee (+2) over Denver

Remember when Denver had a great home field advantage? I mean, before this season started? What a great defense in Tennessee, routinely crushing people will continue...despite Vince Young.

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