Nov 21, 2007

Turkey Quick Picks

Today, Tom Brady announced that the Patriots are out to kill poeple, beat them into submission. In other news, the sky is still blue, and gravity still plays a pivitol role in everyday life. Everyone reading this, travel safe, and have a great, fun Thanksgiving.

Unless you're Canadian. In which case, your Thanksgiving was a month or so ago. And no one cares.

Home teams in bold.

Packers (-3) over Lions

Do you believe in magic? Bret Favre does, and after Thursday, the Lions will. This game could be close, but the Detroit secondary has been picked on by quarterbacks who don't have the dark magics on their side.

Falcons (+12) over Indy

Blow out...if everyone on the Colts sideline was healthy. Unfortunatly, Marvin most likely won't play, Clark isn't 100%, and Freeney is done for the year. Hopefully, the Leftwich experiment is over.

The Boys (-14) over New Jersey Snitches

The Jets aren't gonna sneak up on anyone after unseating the Steelers last week, and as long as Dallas can keep from looking ahead to the match-up with the Packers in a week, they should roll. So, the bottom line is, there is one watchable game and two snoozers on Turkey day. After a meal of turkey, dressing, yams, my mom's macaroni and cheese, and sweet potato pie, sounds about right.

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