Nov 1, 2007

Halloween Reflections

Halloween is the holiday that best exemplifies the old saying about wine, 'it gets better with age'. Unlike most holidays, where as you get older, you are exposed to more and more of the work that goes along with it, Halloween changes for the better as you age.

As a child, it means dressing up all scary and getting candy. Great but short, the candy lasts for days.

As a teen, it means a night full of mischief, smashing pumpkins, scaring little kids. Not that I would ever partake in such activities. Ahem.

As an adult, it means dressing funny, while females use it as an excuse to dress slutty with no repurcussions. Add in the social lubricant of alcohol, it makes the perfect holiday.

Oh and as far as Mike Vick goes?

I guess it's still funny...

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