Nov 9, 2007

Week 10 Picks

In case you didn’t know, Adam “Pacman” Jones’ suspension by the Shield has been upheld until the end of his current team’s season. Which, at this point, looks to include the playoffs, unless that cover jinx strikes again…Reaction has been varied throughout the country, with club owners bracing themselves for the coming cold months, where Jones will undoubtedly make his presence known, and wrestling promoters breathing a sigh of relief, as they hope to goad him back into the ring to damage his reputation even more.

Interesting match-ups this week, but no easy picks, since New England has a bye week. I suspect they will be using it to decide how best to implement SkyNet, and infect all technology, ending in Judgment Day. The end times are here. Embrace our new cybernetic masters. Home teams in bold.

Pittsburgh (-9.5) over Cleveland

Did you know Derek Anderson was almost cut during training camp? How improbable of a season is he having? You watch Tyrone Willingham’s golden boy come to your team, you barely make the squad, the guy ahead of you gets benched and traded, and you become the hero of an expansion franchise. What?

Washington (-3) over Philly

Philly is better on the road, because the crowd is supposed to boo, and it doesn’t seem as weird. I thought the Skins would be hungrier against the Jets, but they still got the win. All I’m going to say about Andy Reid is that I don’t know anything about his family, or his house. I do know that at this age, his boys are MEN and responsible for their own actions.

Atlanta (+4) over Carolina

Why can’t this game get blacked out too?

New Orleans (-11.5) over St. Louis

Does everyone believe in this Saints resurgence? I want to, I really want to, but there’s no confidence here. I’m waiting for this NO team to turn on me, and go back into the toilet, but I don’t think they turn this week.

Buffalo (-3) over Miami

This line could not be high enough.

Kansas City (-3) over Denver

Ugh. Denver can’t stop anyone from running, but Kansas City lost their running back. The question becomes, how much do I trust Preist Holmes at home? I trust him more than three points, I guess.

Titans (-4) over J’Ville

Did thee loss of Pacman inspire this team to their 6-2 start? Nah. But, it hasn’t been VY’s passing that has gotten them so good so fast, and the improved play of LenDale White isn’t it either. This defense, led by veteran Keith Bullock has just been beastly, and Jacksonville presents no problem they can’t solve. Go Titans.

Green Bay (-6) over Minnesota

I really think that Adrian Peterson and his back up band are going to cover this week, but I can’t in good faith take the Vikes when they dock wide receiever Troy Williamson a game check for missing Sunday’s game to attend the funeral of his grandmother, who pretty much raised him his whole life. He had to organize the funeral, set up travel arrangements for siblings and family, and consequently missed the romp over San Diego. About the fine (which the NFLPA is going to rightfully appeal), Williamson said, “I don't care if they would have [taken] my pay for the rest of the year, I was going home.” Good for him, bad for the Vikings, because the football gods tend to punish heartless organizations.

Cincy (+4) over Old Browns

Chris Henry plays his first game after his suspension by the Shield. Odds are, this is also going to be his last game before the next suspension.

Dallas (-1.5) over New Jersey A

Should be the best game of the day; the Giants pass rush has been impressive, but their secondary is still suspect. Tony Romo, armed with his new contract, should tear this team apart. And I still have no faith in Eli.

Detroit (-1) over Arizona

Wait a minute. A 6-2 team is visiting a 3-5 team, and only giving up one point? Wow. I love that everyone has adopted the Lions as a good football team, and keeps thinking that the Cardinals are about to turn the whole history of the franchise around. Oh, and you know that one bad team that sneaks into the playoffs every year, and gets blown out in the wild card weekend? Let’s just say I can’t WAIT to bet against the Lions. If gambling were legal. Or something.

Chicago (-3.5) over Oakland

I have no legitimate reason for picking this way, except for the fact that Teenage Coach Lane Kiffen has decided to announce that they will kick to Devin Hester. Hmm…he’s their only scoring threat, so you decide to put the ball in his hands. Kids these days.

Indy (-3.5) over San Deigo

Cue another postgame LDT breakdown after getting embarrassed by a far superior team on Sunday night in front of a national audience. I can’t wait to hear the Marty chants long into the night.

Seattle (-10) over San Fran

Ew. Yuck. Yawn. I hope there’s a good NBA game on Monday night.

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