May 4, 2009


For the first time in a VERY long time, I got to go to a playoff basketball game Sunday. Before now, I either didn't have tickets (last year), lived in a city that ALSO never made the playoffs (New York) or we didn't make the playoffs (every year except for New York and last year). So, when the opportunity arose for me to attend a Hawks playoff game, I jumped at it.

Not only did I get to see a fun (albeit, not-too-dramatic game), but I found out that Atlanta sports teams too have fans, that we have developed a legitimate home court advantage that helps out our players, that we have intelligent enough fans to collectively scream 'no' when Josh Smith is lining up a three-pointer. That last thing is not a joke, that happened.

I got caught up in it. I booed D-Wade, I cheered Joe Johnson (6-8 from 3?), I was confused when people chanted 'Zaza'. Bottom line, I loved every second. I got to see Atlanta win a seven game series for the first time since 1970. I got to see a not-so-loyal fanbase get rewarded.

And now I get to see us get creamed by the (checks watch) soon to be named MVP.

Where amazing happens.


DNasty said...

Boston, on the other hand, has fans retarded enough to nearly pass out in Guiness-fueled-ecstasy when Scalabrine lines up a three.

On an unrelated subject, it's already May and I'm still waiting on that first MLB column so I can at least comment above a "SUNY Oswego" literacy level.

DPalm66 said...

You're an Ivy League elitist.

DNasty said...

You're sexy.