May 7, 2009


When this story broke, I decided I wasn't going to waste any brain space or blog space on it. That it was beneath me for consideration, and that anything that I said would have either already been said by a talking head, or was going to be. But, Nez has been requesting that I write something about baseball. So here we go. I guess.

Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids.

Wait, should I be upset? Should I be shocked? It's gotten to the point that I just assume that every player from 1990 until, let's say two years from now, used steroids to improve their on-field performance. And don't get me started on the use of uppers or 'greenies' by pitchers on game day. That went on from the invention of the damn things until they were banned (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) recently by the MLB.

I get to cheer for a team that hasn't had anyone (major) fall in the recent steroid reveals, but I wouldn't put it past anyone I've cheered for here. Whether it is a center fielder who dropped off significantly, and was begging to make a roster earlier this year, or a pitcher who annually won about 14 games winning 24 in 1996, or a third baseman who averaged 33 home runs a year peeling off 45 dingers in 1999, no one is innocent these days. I refuse to be shocked anymore, and I refuse to think too much about it either.

Hey Nez, do you think the fact that we are 6 weeks into the season, and the Artist formally known as Big Papi is batting .229, with .333 slugging is a giant smoking gun?

There, your freaking MLB post. I feel dirty.


Chris Sullivan said...

Actually, we have no idea what he tested positive for. It could have been anything from steroids to aderral.

DPalm66 said...

orry. I was preemptively reacting to the Skip Bayless/Jay Mariotti crowd who will say, no matter what he actually did, that he is being dumb with what he put in his body.

Of course he's dumb, he's a professional baseball player. What other occupation takes you at 18, puts you in backwater wherever, where your ONLY two jobs are be at the park on time and try to sleep with as many townies as possible. Then, if you're called up, you make hilarious amounts of money...where is the impetus to be smart?

My point is that nothing regarding baseball can shock me anymore. Except Ugueth Urbina. That story was nuts.

In his defense, they never should have gotten in his pool.

DNasty said...
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DNasty said...

1) This really begs the question - what is worse: having the country think you're on steroids or having the country think you're impotent?

2) Xavier Paul needs to send that doctor who prescribed Manny the oil drum full of Viagritaliquidvalium a really nice gift basket of some kind.

3) I have always refused to accept that D.O. deserves superstar status. I mean, the guy essentially got cut from Minnesota. However, his VORP is still incredibly high (in his Red Sox tenure) and the novelty of having a fat jovial dominican be the most popular player in otherwise jet-fuel fired rascist Boston has not worn off yet.

4) That was the most forced post I have seen yet on this blog, like when a kid asks for a bedtime story from a parent who just wants to watch Seinfeld. It goes something like this: "Once upon a time there was a little boy who wouldn't go to sleep. He didn't get any presents for Christmas that year and was very sad. The End."

DPalm66 said...

Nez, hearing about your childhood filled with parental neglect and your own alcoholism, while entertaining, isn't exactly appropriate for the blog.

It's come to light that Manny is guilty of using a feminine fertility drug that, while funny, is also used as a masking agent for many PED users. The only question is how many times he and David Ortiz appear on the fabled list of 104?