May 11, 2009


If you go to ESPN's homepage, today's SportsNation poll is a loaded question: Would you want a player who has admitted to taking PEDs on your favorite team? The options were: yes, yes, but only if they produced, and no.

According to ESPN, after 35,000 votes, 49% said no.

Now look, I'm not saying that all 17,500 who said no were liars, but a safe bet is that about 17,000 were lying. If you were to tell residents of Missouri (53% no) that Pujhols is going to admit to using PEDs, they would demand that he be traded or released? Or, that if you told residents of Kansas City (see Mizzou numbers) that a PED-admitting Alex Rodriguez was coming to play for them, that they would fight against him joining their Royals.

Buncha freakin' holier-than-thou liars. Headed to watch my little brother graduate, get some food with the fam. Follow along

Yeah, I plugged my twitter again. Sue me.

Seriously, try it. You'll get a black and red Atlanta Braves hat, a signed Wayne Gretzkey Kings Jersey, and my winnings from the Drinking Olymipics in Jamaica, 2005.


Chris Sullivan said...

Interesting because we barely have a moral compass as a countrty but we sure do like to judge people and drag them through the mud. Oh, which one to pick? Liars

DNasty said...

You have a Wayne Gretsky jersey?

DPalm66 said...

I actually do...getting it framed this summer.