Sep 19, 2008

The Power of FU Money + + Week 3 Picks

Before you read this, I hope you have heard what Josh Howard was captured saying about the national anthem. My feelings aside, the response in the media has been hilarious, to say the least. Please, take the time to read some of the emails sent to Mark Cuban, which HE POSTED on his wonderful blog. I warn you, it gets pretty awful.

Defending one of your employees/players? Free. Keeping your email address public so that your fans can get in touch with you? Free. Posting the email addresses of the people who sent some of the most vile things I have ever read in my life? THAT my friends, is FU Money.


Welcome to this week's edition of the picks, brought to you by, one of the world's largest job finding websites. And, it's soon to be the homepage for a select number of NFL coaches. Here's a list of the hottest seat coaches, in the order I thought about them. Apologies to Mike Nolan, Romeo Crennell, and Rod'll be on the list before all is said and done, I just know it!

Lane Kiffen (1-1) : As I mentioned in the NFL preview thing, Al Davis tried to fire the young Mr. Kiffen after last season. What I didn't mention is that Lane tried, in turn, to fire Davis favorite defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, only he failed too. Which means these three men, attempted firings and all, have been working together. He may be the only coach trying to get fired, and look for him to succeed soon.

Marvin Lewis (0-2) : 1 season over .500 in his tenure. All control taken away from him in the off season. Repeated public spats with biggest star. Chris Henry again. If Marvin has a favorite sandwich shop in Cincy, he shouldn't pick up a new punch card for a free sub, that's all I'm sayin.

Herm Edwards: (0-2) : See, carbonite, frozen in or Shell, Art.

Scott Linehan: (0-2) : Lame duck. The team was able to be bad last year because of lots of serious injuries. No easy excuse this year. Reports out of St. Louis have Chip Rosenbloom ready to go against his mother's death bed wishes of granting Linehan another year to figure it out. Time appears to be up and not in Linehan's favor. Blantent ignoring of a dead womans last wishes? Now that's what I call a 'hot seat'.

On to picks. Home teams, as always, in bold.

Atlanta (-5.5) over KC

I believe in Tyler Thigpen. I believe he will be awful. Just awful.

Bills (-9.5) over Oakland

Just fire him already! Look, all week we heard about how Al Davis was ready to get rid of Lane Kiffen sometime soon...just do it, so he can focus on getting his Eagle Scout. Geez.

Titans (-5) over Texans

I thought the Texans were supposed to be good this year. Did the hurricane give them the ability to stay within 5 of the best defensive team in the League? I don't think so.

Fins (+13) over Pats

Oh my god, I just picked against the Pats...I think I'm going to be sick. Welcome back to Earth, Terminators. Look for a team more like the '01 Pats, not the "Kill everyone" Pats of '07. Besides, I think Joey Porter means business this time!

Tampa (+3) over Chi-Town

I like Tampas D, and Chicago isn't a home field advantage unless it's cold. Which it ain't.

Rams (+9.5) over Seahawks

Seattle signed 2 recievers off the street this week, and they will be starting Sunday. Avoid gambling on this at all costs. If gambling were legal.

Panthers (+3.5) over Vikes

The Gus Ferrotte era runs into an apparent team of destiny in Carolina. Who really cares how Gus Ferrotte's name is spelled?

Niners (-4) over Lions

The Lions run defense against Frank Gore? Yes please.

Giants (-13) over Bengals

Two. Team. Tease.

Eagles (-3) over Steelers

Wait a second. This is a late afternoon game, and I get Jets/Chargers on Monday night? Good Grief. (It's a Peanuts joke...)

Cards (+3) over Skins

I'm taking Kurt Warner for the win.

Colts (-5) over Jags

Jags can't run, and their best reciever keeps trying to snort the 50 yard line.

Ravens (-2.5) over "Browns"

Romeo Crennel officially hands in his resignation, falling back to Earth after last year's miracle season...when they almost made the playoffs.

Broncos (-5.5) over Saints

Jay Cutler is the NFL leader in touchdowns and passing yards. Vanderbilt grad Jay Cutler.

Packers (+3) over Cowboys

The 'Boys' defense looked terrible on Monday night, and actually looked happy to get that win. The Iggles defense was furious, even though they held TO to 2 catches in the second half. Which team do you think is built to win later in the year?

Jets (+10) over Chargers

LDT is apparently not going to be playing in REGULAR season games this year, so that he will be healthy for the playoffs. There seems to be a hole in that logic...and on my fantasy team.

Last Week: 11-3-1
Season: 19-11-1

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