Sep 11, 2008

Fantasy Thoughts + Week 2 Picks

Wow. Tom Brady. Done for the season. I feel just awful for Rashad Biggers, CC '05, who unwisely took the fallen Pats quarterback with the first overall pick in our fantasy league. Ignoring the fact that passing TDs are only 4 points in our league, against 6 points per rushing TD. Laughing at the notion that LDT will continue to be the best fantasy player. Braving great ridicule from, well everyone, Rashad Biggers stuck by his guns and picked his team, and he should be applauded for his conviction.


Bravo on making the single dumbest move in fantasy history (even BEFORE the injury), allowing LDT to fall to 2, allowing me to trade for him, allowing me to post a league-best 126.6 last week. Rome wasn't built in a day...but I haven't figured out what to call my empire. And it looks like it was built on a pick.

Back to real life, and real picks.

After week 1, I'm 8-8. It could be worse. Home teams, as always, in bold.

KC (-3.5) over Oakland

Well, that was a flop. No, not my attempts to procure a Bernard Pollard jersey (sold out), but the Jamarcus Russell experiment. Maybe man was not meant to hold out for a good part of his rookie season, be given no playmakers on the offense except for ANOTHER running back, and open his second season on Monday Night Football. Maybe man was destined to have to work for success, not have it handed to him. Dubya, I'm looking at you. Damn, broke my politics referendum.

Tenn (+1) over Cincy

Are you freaking kidding me? The Titans injure a bunch of Jaguars, get a huge week one win, but the second they throw a drunk under center, they are underdogs to a team that was embarrassing, at best? Really? I'll be taking the Titans, and laughing all the way to 4 sacks of Carson Palmer.

Indy (-2) over Minnesota

Peyton looked about 4 steps slow. Marvin looked still hurt. Dallas Clark might not play. Addai got shook up on Sunday Night. The defense couldn't close down a rookie running back. Meanwhile, on Monday...Peterson fought for 100 yards, proving to me just how hard it is going to be on him every game this year. The defense looked strong against a resilient Green Bay offense. But Tavaris Jackson is STILL the quarterback.

N.O. (PK) over Washington

Wow. Look, I'm not going to start listing the reasons that Washington looked awful, and N.O. looked good last week. I will say, if gambling were legal, nothing could stop me from betting the house on the Saints. Huh. Never thought I'd say that.

Green Bay (-3) over Detroit

Detroit got mutilated by a very average Falcons team (no matter how much I want to believe otherwise, I can't. Not yet.) Green Bay looks better than the Atlanta team, and Detroit can't seem to decide what they are. Do they want to run the ball first, do they want to throw to Roy and Megatron (Best. Nickname. Ever.)? I don't know what they want, but I do know they will be 0-2 after this week.

Carolina (-3) over Chicago

I think? Both these defenses looked really good, and the Panthers are supremely better on offense. Unless this Forte kid is really that good. Unless Jake Delhomme isn't as back as he looked. Unless Kyle Orton is REALLY the answer? Ugh. Avoid this game for gambling possibilities at all costs.

NYGiants (-8.5) over St. Louis

Pick the defense that plays the Rams every week. There it is, your fantasy football advice of the week. In a related story, Stephen Jackson is an AWFUL fantasy back to have, because his team will be down alot every game, and he won't be running.

Buffalo (+5.5) over Jacksonville

It's tough treading when you lose both starting guards in the first week. Especially since David Garrard seems to be coming back to Earth from his amazing year last year. On the other hand, the Titans defense has the power to make most teams look mortal. Maybe I should be taking J'ville here, but if you are winning a game, and build on your lead using a fake field goal, then I'm picking you the next week. I don't have many rules, but that's one of them.

Tampa Bay (-7) over Atlanta

Rookie quarterbacks on the road against Monte Kiffen? G'night "Matty Ice". What a God-awful nickname.

San Fran (+7) over Seattle

Name 1 receiver still healthy in Seattle. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Zona (-6.5) over Miami

Mehhh....I don't feel good about that. Miami was one drive away from toppling the Jets, who have to be the favorites in division right now, and Warner is no Bret Favre. I guess I'm thinking that the supporting cast and defense is better out in the desert, and they show it this week.

New England (+1.5) over NYJets

Matt Cassel era! Seriously, he's surrounded by enough talent that if the Pats revert to 2001 form (step up on D, crossing patterns and quick outs, more running game) they would be fine even if I were under center. Especially playing a quarterback who is still learning the offense in Bret Favre.

Houston (-4.5) over B'More

Time to find out just how back the Ravens defense really is. I think this Houston squad has the potential to knock off Indy in the Best Division in Football, but they need a defining win, and not just over their division foes. A message could be sent if they can hang some points on this D, and keep Joe Flacco under wraps. Okay, just the 1st thing.

Denver (+1.5) over San Diego

SD got off to a slow start last year, and it looks the same way now. Only, there's no way to tell if Denver is any good, since Eddie Royal was basically running routes on air last Monday, and all the starters were chillin by the middle of the third. I like Denver at home, and I like Jake Cutler, now that he's got his diabetes under control, and I like Mike Shannahan over Norv.

Pittsburgh (-6) over Cleveland

One hit wonder, the Cleveland Browns!!!

Philly (+ 7) over Dallas

The Illadelph looked great last week, as Donovan F. lead his squad to victory over Dartmouth, I mean St. Louis. While I don't think they'll romp as badly this week, I do think that McNabb and co. have traditionally looked great in the early goings, and faded late. That could mean that this is the game that serves as a wake up call for the Romos, that this league is theirs for the taking if they can win a couple of playoff games. Or, McNabb gets hurt, and the entire city of Philadelphia takes a collective cyanide pill.

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 8-8


shani said...

how dare you not pick ur hometown boys to win such a shame i am disowning you

DPalm66 said...

Please. The Falcons already stabbed me in the face (

Not to mention I gave up my fanhood during the draft. But, also keep in mind that I'm wrong alot, and Brian Griese is starting for the Bucs, and I can't name their running back for the life of me.

DPalm66 said...

Ernest Graham. Came to me as I clicked post. He's still a no-name (I see you Jamal!)