Dec 23, 2008

NBA Trimester Report

Most NBA teams have played 21 games, and you know what that means? Pointless predictions by yours truly. Annnnnnnnnnd we're off!

East MVP of 1st Trimester: We'll start with an easy one, as there should be no debate that the award rests in the Forest City...Mr. LeBron James. I could go on and on about how he has led this team to the second best record in the East. I could point to his stats, even though he isn't playing as many minutes per game as usual, because he's been able to sit fourth quarters. I could even just play some game tape to show how he has evolved into a terrific on the ball defender. But, all I'll point at is the fact that his impending free agency TWO SUMMERS FROM NOW remains not only a hot topic in basketball circles, but gains heat as the legend grows.

West MVP of 1st Trimester: Our first marking period has seen Kobe greatly influence his teams defense, Chris Paul cemented himself in the NBA record book a couple of times, Brandon Roy announced his arrival, but the most outstanding, valuable player over the 1st Trimester is Mr. Fundamental Tim Duncan. I think that he's been so good, for so long that we forget just how great what he does is. Playing most of the 1st Trimester without Ginobli and Parker-Longoria, he hoisted the Spurs to 17-10, and still in the thick of things in the murderous Western Conference.

Coach of the 1st Trimester: Mike Brown. I can see you shaking your head from here. "But Daniel, how can someone you compared to a coat rack in the Cavs-Spurs series evolve into a Coach of the Year candidate?" Look, I hear you, and just know that my runner up was Doc Rivers. See how weird this season has been? But, (channeling Hubie Brown here...) you can't ignore how well the Cavs have played this season so far. Offense, defense, the whole nine yards, they have been SO impressive. (And don't think I'm done calling for Mike Woodson's head. I need more than a Trimester to be convinced.)

Rookie of the 1st Trimester: Derrick Rose, come on down. OJ Mayo has looked really good early, but Derrick Rose gave me this.

Sixth Man of the 1st Trimester: Ginobli has been hurt, AK-47 has looked good early, but far and away the 6th man so far has been Jason "The Jet" Terry. He's looked great coming off the bench, his chemistry with Herr Dirk has never been better, and he seems to be responding to Coach Carslile that in a way that he never did with Avery - at least in recent memory.

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