Jul 2, 2008

NBA Draft + Free Agency

NBA Draft Talk:

- I love the NBA draft. Love it. Normally, I would have done a running draft blog, but the Hawks didn't have a pick to blow, so I had no real worries.

- I demand Michael Beasley be followed at all times by a camera crew on south beach (the Dwayne Wade - Penny Hardaway article is coming, I swear!)

- Seattle...I mean Oklahoma City took Westbrook with Kevin Love still on the board. How does that make any sense?

- The Suns took Robin Lopez with what would have been the Hawks' pick.

- JaVale McGee is the first son of a WNBA player to be drafted to the NBA. Sometimes, the jokes write themselves, they really do.

- How the good hell did Chris Douglas Roberts last until pick 40?

- Chris Wallace should be arrested.

Let's recap the last six months for Chris: gives away his best player (Pau Gasol) for the rights to his kid brother, and a player who had his career destroyed by the GOAT before ever stepping foot on a court (Kwame Brown). Then, after watching his team 'inexplicably' fail to contend down the stretch, he makes an intelligent draft pick (Kevin Love), only to trade this newly acquired talent AND his current best player (Mark Miller) to Minnesota for ANOTHER athletic guard (O.J. Mayo) and a bunch of terrible contracts. I reiterate:

Chris Wallace should be arrested.

Free agency started, and boy has it been entertaining so far:

- So the Warriors let Baron Davis opt out, and he signed with the Clips? Boy, I bet they feel dumb as hell, huh?

- Trying to avoid THAT situation, the Hornets are extending Chris Paul.

- "Agent Zero" Gilbert "Hibachi" Arenas opted out, but has maintianed that he wants to remain a Wizard...and looking at the cap space of other teams, I believe him.

- The Nets are cleaning out space for LeBron in 2 years...and Richard Jefferson has been shuttled to Milwaukee. Having run into this guy socially in New York, this couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Have fun in Packer Country. Jerk.

- And in further opt out news, Ron Artest, who said on national television that he is happy being a King, is now openly regretting not opting out. Anyone want a headcase on the trading block? Any takers?

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