Jul 16, 2008

Catching Up on Sports

- Wow. I normally am a straight up football/basketball/UFC kinda guy, but that Sunday final between Nadal and Federer turned me into a tennis nut all day. I watched rain delays, for God's sake. Sure, it doesn't help that there was absolutely nothing else on, but I was also genuinely transfixed.

- Elton Brand. You know you wrong. At the same time, I can't REALLY hate on the man getting his money, but I wish he'd be honest about it. Donald Sterling couldn't meet because he was on vacation with his family, and that's why you left? C'mon.

- I love summer basketball. The summer leagues in Orlando and Vegas have been transfixing to say the least. The number 1 pick getting pulled because of an injury, the number 2 pick running the entire rest of the Orlando crowd off the court, the number 3 pick hit a half court shot at the buzzer, and the most talked about player is Brook Lopez? Really?

- Speaking of basketball, we're getting closer to watching the US Men own the world one more time. Yes we can!

- Roger Clemens should be dropping that defamation lawsuit any day now as more and more dirt gets pulled up. Is his lawyer working under the table for Brian McNamee?

- All you PGA Tour guys, enjoy the open field until Tiger gets back...it's kinda like throwing a party when someone's parents were out of town in high school: fun, loud, anything goes, but don't leave anything that will show a party happened. And when the parents get back, all you are left with are memories. And the occasional trophy.

- So...Madonna and ARod. Hm.

- Bret Favre, you know you wrong. And the Packers know they wrong too. Just a bunch of stupid acting people in this story. Sure, Favre is in the wrong for unretiring, but it's not like he hasn't waffled on his future before. That's like getting mad at the snake for biting you (see Saban, Nick, and soon Petrino, Bobby).

- Half way through the baseball season...only 1 million games left!

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