Jul 1, 2009

Great News!!!

Well, great for me. Really, kind of indifferent news for you. I mean, if you care about me it kind of matters, but not really.


The good news is that someone besides my friends and family (both of whom I badger incessantly) will get to read some of the stuff I write. My longer pieces (1000 words plus...) will be running concurrently on a website that is made up of alot of former Atlanta Journal Constitution writers who were bought out, and replaced with younger, less talented people (Robbie, I mean everyone besides you at the Times these days. Kind of.)


That right there is a link to my NBA Draft piece that ran there, complete with pictures (that I had nothing to do with, which you can tell because of no pithy captions)

What this means for me is I get to write along people I grew up reading and respect immensely, and that my writing is going to get to more eyeballs. What this means for you is...well, nothing. Everything, big and small, will still be posted here first, but if you want to help expand the OLASB Nation (beyond me, Biggs,Nez, Sully, and my parents), feel free to check out the higher production values of Like the Dew.

That was kind of a mutual plug, wasn't it?

Well, for more me, follow me on the Twitter...


There, that's a bit more uneven whoring out. Just the way I like it.

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