Feb 11, 2009

Mid-Range Jumpers

Reports of my demise (Nez) have been greatly exaggerated. Sure, I haven't been posting as much, but I usually go into something of a funk after the Super Bowl, since there's no football anywhere near me except for the Pro Bowl, ESPN Classic, and beating Bowser's head in on Madden. It's just not the same. But, I can use this opportunity to bring back American's longest-running, rarely updated, OLASB post format...

Hope eveyone had a great Super Bowl. I had one because my best bet won...I mean, I was too scared of my own bad karma to actually listen to my self, but it's always nice to be right, ya know. Before we dive in, I'm going to touch on the two biggest sports stories as of late, with as little breath as possible:

Michael Phelps: Thank God he's white.
A-Rod: How is anyone surpised?

Ahem. Now, the search continues for the lost art of the Mid-Range Jumper!
  • So, are we finally going to figure out how bad the Shaq trade was for Phoenix? It got rid of D'Antoni, it killed Nash's mojo, it moved Shaq into the number 1 scoring option, and NOW they have to move Amare because of the last week of rumors.
  • Bye, bye Favre. Again.
  • How has no one picked up Manny yet? All he does is get on base (like, literally 3/4 times at bat in the playoffs), hit bombs, and help you win games. So what? You've hit on a girl with more obvioys issues...though, I guess that wouldn't cost 25 million a year. It was a bad analogy.
  • At least they finally are bringing H-O-R-S-E to the All-Star game. And renaming it G-E-I-C-O because of monetary considerations. Ugh.
  • I hate it when my friends are right, but Uzo wrote a great piece on Bud Selig and steriods. Read it.
  • Top 5 plays of a GREAT Super Bowl (after 3 re-watchings): 5. Larry Fitzgerald slant and run for TD2 4. Larry Fitzgerald catch (that was a drop) for TD1 3. Hines Ward early catch, and immediate dissapearance 2. San Antonio (how does everyone still get his name wrong!) Holmes game winner 1. 100 yard-INT return.
  • Looks like we're getting 2 Bulldogs in round 1 of the NFL Draft...and GMs, if you take Beanie Wells over Knowshon, you're NUTS (glares at A.J. Smith)
  • Actual text recieved while watching Cavs-Lakers Sunday: "Random NBA question probably only you can answer; on a tip in or putback, is the player rewarded a rebound as well as the points?" Yes, he is awarded both Jake. Thanks for recognizing my sports knowledge.
  • Brook Lopez is freaking great. If Derrick Rose wasn't as trascendent as he is, he would have the ROY on lock. Oh, and these Rookies are going to blow out the Sophmores this weekend.
  • National signing day bugs the life out of me and I don't know why...it is almost as annoying as knowing when pitchers and catchers start up.
  • Did you know that these UNC seniors have NEVER lost at Duke? They can get the 4-year sweep tonight! Go Heels!
  • I'll take the LeBron "They stole my triple double" performance in the Garden over Kobe's 61 every day of the week. Mostly because Kobe wiped Bernard King from the record books (yuck) and his teammates were about as effective as lawn furniture.
  • Lil' Wayne was on Around the Horn yesterday. Hm.
  • Breaking news: Michael Phelps redeems image. Yes he does.
  • Big Poppa Stern has been Commish for 25 years now. Continue basking in his greatness.
  • Underreported story of the year so far: Dwayne Wade's divorce, and the subsequent stories that have come out surrounding it.

I think I'm about done for now. Check back here tomorrow for...something, and I'll see ya'll Saturday for my annual NBA All-Star Saturay Night blog. Peace.

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