Aug 18, 2008

I Hate My Friends

*Warning: This is an unbelievably nerdy rant post. I promise to start making fun of sports, but I have to get this off my chest. You have been warned.*

One of my good friends PK has been pressuring me to dive into the cultural phenomenon that is the NBC vehicle Heroes. He knows I like comic books, and superpowers and all that jazz, so he figured it would be right down my alley. I have resisted for four main reasons:

  1. I do like comic books. Alot. In fact, I would ascertain that my level of comic book nerdiness would drive me to look for and tear apart plot holes inherent to the story.
  2. Jeph Loeb is intimately involved. He's done well in the past, with Batman: Long Halloween, and Batman: Hush, but recently? He brought me Ultimates 3. Damn you Loeb.
  3. There are only a certain number of stories that are able to be told (thank you Akira Kurosawa), and I guaruntee that these idiots will retell ones I've read better elsewhere.
  4. Did I mention Jeph Loeb? The man whose latest contribution to comic books is this? Seriously? You colored him a different color? Someone get this man another Eisner.

But, being an idiot and not listening to myself, I watched most of the first season. And you know what? I was 100% right. Teeming with plot holes (wait, how do Claire's powers work), exceedingly poor acting (I want Peter to explode. And never come back), and atrocious writing (Loeb...), this series is exactly what I didn't need to see. Thanks for nothing PK.


Fearless2814 said...

Dude, I feel bad for you. I have YET to see an episode of Heroes, and you just galvanized me to continue on.

Stretch said...

One of these days you'll listen.

DPalm66 said...

Yeah, shuttup Mr. Fantastic