Aug 12, 2008


Fantasy football is upon me, and I'm struggling for a truly innovative name. Early front runners include:

Kobe, Tell me How my Ass Taste

New England Videographers

BC Football Legacy

The Gregarious Raconteur

The Flying Pacmen

The Redeem Team


Scalabrine/Dickeau '08


Tatamwari said...

You're not there yet. Reach deep inside your heart and there you will find the best fantasy football team name ever.

DPalm66 said...

You don't know why half of those are funny because you don't follow sports.

Nuf said...

The Fighting Jesi (plural for Jesus(?))?

DNasty said...

I'm going with "Heath Ledger's Nyquil".

DPalm66 said...

If you're going with it, does that mean I can't steal it Nez? Because that is the perfect name. I hate you.